Topic: musick trades

would anyone be into trading cd's, vinyl, music dvd's or are we just keeping this thread to horror movies? if anyones into it , i'll post my music tradelist tongue

Re: musick trades

soundtracks are good, heres some stuff if anyone is interested just PM me.

reverened bizarre-crush the insects cd
today is the day-supernova cd
doomed(3xcd comp-electric wizard,cathedral,orange goblin etc.)
orange goblin-coupe de grace and time travelling blues cd
mr.bones-extra heavy cd
DBX-diarrhea of a madman
acid death-randoms manifest cd
atomic bitchwax-spit blood cd
nice cat/volcanic/stonegod cd
pentagram-first daze here 2 cd
beaten back to puree-southern apocalypse cd
fleshpress-3 lp
alabama thunder pussy-starring at the devine -pic lp w/ 7"