Topic: VIP movie passes to trade for charity coupons

Because of my job working for The Man on the inside, I can sometimes get free movie tickets for the little people on the outside.

It just so happens that right now I have an angle onRun, Fat Boy, Run which is the first movie that David Schwimmer of Friend's fame has ever directed, and stars the blond guy from Shaun of the Dead - Simon Pegg.

Yes I know its a chick flick. Worse its a British romantic comedy and that's not the kind of the thing that gets me excited either - but these VIP passes are for Odeon execs, and they can get anybody in at anytime, anywhere the movie is playing. Just PM me and tell me what you would consider trading for four or six or maybe even a dozen tickets. No cash offers please - I would like to get good quality coupons for food and clothing etc that can be donated to Toronto's working poor.