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I just read it on Bloody-Disgusting...the Tobe Hooper directed and Steven Speilberg produced (as well as written) movie POLTERGEIST is being brought forward to face the remake axe.  It will then be molded into a proable Frankenstein abomination that will gross enough for a sequel to be asked for...the horrible cycle.

It does mention something called "Poltergeist: Kayeri", I have no idea what that is.  If it was a sequel, prequel or a something or other in relation to the original film before being overhauled to make a straight up remake.

I will say this here...and I will say this now...NO CLASSIC IS SAFE!  It would not be outside the realm of possiblity that they remake JAWS or A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or even....THE EXORCIST.

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Yeah, the sky is falling, too.  So what?  The original will still be there.  If you don't like it, don't see it.  Sorry to be so harsh, I don't mean to attack, but frankly, they're (remakes)  never going to go away.  Not while they're making money at least. It may be difficult to accept them, but you're as helpless as I to affect any real change in the movie making machine.  I find it funny how these type of stories make so many so angry.  It's not as if this remake is replacing an original story that would've otherwise been filmed. 

It's a sad fact of life that the studios are out to make money.  It's even sadder that today's movie-going audience are less then interested in seeing a 20 year old movie.  But unfortunately, that's how it works. 

There are no sacred cows.  There never has been, there never will be.

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i must say this is one, that shouldnt be remade that should not be done.

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Another Psycho style remake on the way.  Hooper do something!!!  For crying out loud man, first TCM and now this!  What have we come to???!!!

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Good point sMart, it's all a money thing now. It's not about telling a story or love of the material it's about money. What we need to do as horror movie fans is stop spending our money to see worthless remakes, if the hollywood machine looses money on a reamke like this it will raise some concern otherwise this trend will continue.

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was posted here. And yeah its another lame cash in.

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I heard from a very reliable source that they are going to remake Diary of the Dead, but they have to first wait for the original to finish filming.

What happened to the good old days of countless sequals?

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I think with your belief system sMart you are pretty much the reason these remakes keep getting made.. Its like voting with your money.. If you seriously want them to stop making remakes don't watch them in the theatre..

If I feel that a remake has potential like say Dawn of the Dead I will go see it.. But if I know the remake is going to be garbage like When a Stranger Calls I don't check it out.. Its as simple as that really.. I've already come to that realisation that remakes are here for along time now.. One flop won't stop them.. There has to be consistent flops to the point where they think it will be a risk to make one.. I just don't see it happening anytime soon though unfortunately..

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ROFL gold Greg.. gold.

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Agreed Goon,  although I can't help but have a gut reaction that this will end up like the Psycho remake...after watching it, I just had a strong urge to go out and rewatch the original.

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I would like to say that I am in pain.  Though, at the same time, I am a fool for thinking Poltergeist should have been above the remake attack.  This should have all been clear to me when I first saw the remake of Psycho and wanted to cut out my eyes with a dull knife.  This horrible remake (horrible because I adore Poltergeist) will be one movie which I refuse to see.  I will instead wait for the release when they re-release a more amazing DVD for Poltergeist loaded with special features (simitar knows what I mean; bless the re-releases of DVDs).

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Goon, I'm not talking about myself.  I don't like the remakes, and have only seen one in the theaters.  The others, I catch on HBO if I catch them at all. It would be nice if HBO would present them in the OAR.  I haven't even seen the Hills Have Eyes remake, just yet, despite hearing good things about it from my fellow horror fans.  I'm talking about the masses that wouldn't touch a 20 year old movie with a 10 foot pole.  Which appear to me, to be the majority of film goers.  I'm talking about the studios.  I'm just trying to be objective. 

We're in a definite minority.  I do vote with my pocketbook, but the studios don't really care about my $10.00.  I predict, however that a shot for shot remake of Poltergeist will flop, just like the Psycho remake. 

I agree with you, Goon.  It'll take a series of flops to stop this trend.  It's too bad these remakes are generally cheap to film, because a movie would have to flop pretty badly not to make any money.  Plus, of course, we have DVD sales.   And while these remakes make even a small profit, the studios will continue to keep churning them out.  They're easier, cheaper and in some cases have a built in audience, even if some of them are viewing it out of curiousity.  The don't care, they still got your $10.00.

So, I'm not the reason these remakes get made, since I can't bother myself to see them anyway.  I simply don't believe that the sky is falling when they are.  I don't get myself worked up over it.  Life's too short for that.  It's a trend that's not going to go away anytime soon, so I've accepted them as a necessary evil.  And in some cases beneficial.  I choose my battles.  For example; the Weinstein/Blockbuster arrangement.  I dislike it when my choices as a consumer are taken away from me.  It's strange to me that there is such outrage concerning this issue and much less apparently, concerning the Blockbuster monopoly on Weinstein movies.  At least on this particular issue, we can still make our own choices.

This is a list of all the remakes I have seen. 

In theaters:  Dawn Of The Dead
HBO, Showtime, etc.:  The Fog, 13 Ghosts, House of Wax
Blind Buy Purchase DVD(Best Buy):  House On Haunted Hill, The Grudge
Blind Buy Previously viewed DVD(Movie Gallery):  Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Blind Buy Previously viewed VHS(Half Price Books):  Psycho

Cautiously optimistic:  The Blob, Halloween

Will view at some point:  The Hills Have Eyes

Loved:  The Fly, The Thing

Edit:  I have yet to see The Departed, but I've heard it's really good.

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this is one movie that really shouldnt be remade. the origional was so good that a remake dosnt need to be made.

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Ok.. I totally agree with you sMart.. I thought you were just giving into the fact and seeing them in theatres because you knew they wouldn't stop.. My bad bro..

I think this movie will turn out like The Omen remake. It will look decent and they may even do some smart marketing but when it comes out it will be a shell of the former film.. I'm not really surprised that none of the original cast will be back. I mean the little girl is no longer living and the creepy little lady is getting pretty old.

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Definatly agree sMart.  But $10?  Dang...only costs me about $6.50 for matinee and $9 for evening.

Definatly it would take a large series of flops to make studios rethink "Horror should just be remakes of classics from 20-30 years ago, we just have to add a cast of hot looking actors or put  a few names in there and we have a hit on our hands no matter how bad it is."

Instead of doing the smart, and cheaper thing of simply rereleasing the original wide and not into like 400 hundred theaters.  Release it wide so then you will only have to pay for the marketing costs as well as getting prints made...make horror fans happy as well as expose a new generation to them...but studios think its easier just to make the film over in the case of The Omen as Goon and many others have said. 

Course there will always be the DVD market, hell DVDs drive the success of many movies nowadays and help make franchises or just pump enough cash back into the pocket to make back the costs if the film busted.

Remakes sadly will still be around for years to come and I think that within 20 years we will be hearing stories of a company buying the rights to Hostel, Devils Rejects, High Tension....

So....unless fans band together and buy up the rights to the classics, Hollywood comes to its senses (*nearly dies laughing*), or you have several remakes go into the drink right after the other....they will still be around for quite a few more years till they run outta classics from the 70s and 80s.

1 or 2 remakes every like decade or every few years...thats okay, but having one after the other after the other and plans for many more...its just getting too sickening.

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No worries, Goon.  I can certainly see from my initial post how you could come to that conclusion.  I love horror, and true horror fans like us, do tend to get passionate about these things.  I blame the typical movie goer, because without them, the studios wouldn't film these things. 

I couldn't agree more, Goon and Mr. Gold.  And shot for shot remakes are the absolute worst. Bring something new to the table, and I'm not talking about the hot WB star of the week, either.  Remakes can occasionally be done right.

Examples:  And I forgot about this one in my earlier post...Night Of The Living Dead 1990, which I saw in the theater.  The Blob, also one I forgot and saw in the theater.  I forgot them because I haven't seen them in years.  The Thing, The Fly.  Apparently The Hills Have Eyes(I haven't seen this yet, because I don't really make an effort to go out of my way to see remakes, but I will), and I've heard good things about The Departed. 

Yes, sadly I have to pay around $10.00.  I can't/won't see a matinee because that's when all the kids come out to play.  The best time for me is a late night showing on a Tuesday, a week after release, unless I think the movie is going to go away sooner.  I'm very particular about what I see.  Remakes are generally at the bottom of the list.

Edit to add:  On the bright side, at least, we usually get a really nice DVD release of the original simultaneously with the release of the remake in the theaters.

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