Topic: Let's talk about The Eye 2

It scared me twice, so, I''m kind of stoked, when I get scared, it's kind of like the feeling after

"Supreme Scream", you know the ride at "Knott's Berry Farm".

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Re: Let's talk about The Eye 2

I actually never seen The Eye 2. But really wanna see it. But actually have heard mixed reviews about the movie itself.

Re: Let's talk about The Eye 2

All most every asian horror movie is on the website, and or

All right, I just finished watching it, it's only as scary as "The Ring", and or "The Grudge", 2 scare's

I like to call these movie's. But I do think this movie was better than "The Eye".

But it wouldn't be my favorite horror movie, I think I really like "Suicide Club", right now.

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