Topic: Whispering Corridors Series.

i always Say i will watch this, but i have yet to  see them so this weekend i will  be watch all 3, i know there 4 of them but i can't find that one on dvd.


As anyone see all 4 of them ?

Which is the best one ?

and also Dose it matter which order you watch them in as they all got different names ?

1) Whispering Corridors
2) Memento Mori
3) Wishing Stairs
And 4) Voice


Re: Whispering Corridors Series.

Never heard of em. Nice title though.

Re: Whispering Corridors Series.

Memento Mori is probably my favorite.  I dont consider voice part of the series cause it was originally only a trilogy but they decided to add Voice for whatever reason.