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A while back I posted a freaky little teaser trailer for Polish horror film called Pora Mroku.  That was all well and good, but now comes the official full lenght trailer.  TwitchFilm got their hands on the new trailer, and I must say it's ...

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Yeah, actually I love foreign horror and foreign movies in general, . . . they fit my personality much better than the cookie cutter, super good looking cast(that can't act),
9 out of 10x a happy ending crap that Hollywood spits out.....First off in foreign movies they usually hire great actors with unusual faces, which you don't realize how bad some of these US movies are until you see how good the acting is in a UK or Euro film.........this movie looks cool, . . I am a lighting freak so they also have great lighting on average. I like the dark washed out look.........I'll check it out.

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that looks great, i've been wanting to see this since i saw the teaser a while back