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I can't wait to get my hands on this one. I remember getting up extra early to watch Frightenstein as a kid. Billy Van's crazy offbeat characters are always entertaining in a 'B-movie' television show kind of way.

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Yea I'll be picking this issue as well.. as I always do.. I've never seen Fightenstein before so its something I can look into.. I don't live in Canada so I had never heard much about it except some whispers on there forums everyonce and awhile..

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Just picked it up a couple days ago.. I haven't read the entire issue but I can say to my surprise they also did a little piece on a horror hosts from the states as well.. I was glad to see they inlcuded a host from my past The Ghoul.. I really hope that guy gets back on the air he is great...

They also had a piece by Chris Alexander about his fight with Uwe Boll.. The gist I got from the article is that he is the only one that took the fight seriously.. Everyone else thought it was just a big gag.. Man were they wrong and they paid for it. I also guess that they will be making a documentary as well.. That should be fun.

Another great issue.

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The interview with Billy Van is very well done and gives the fans what we wanted in terms of how each character on the show was created and how Frightenstein was filmed. The part about Vincent Price jumping in a cab and getting beer for the crew during his down time had me smilin' big_smile Yay for Canadian beer !