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Just recently checked out The Devil's Backbone.  I thought it was an amazing movie with some wicked effects.  It also had some crazy scenes.  Great movie if you ever get a chance to see it.

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If Guillermo Del Toro is behind the camera then you know its gotta be good.  I also loved it.  Great flick.

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Yea this is a great movie.. I actually didn't see this one until maybe a month or so ago.. Great film by del Toro.. The mood is perfect and the little boy with the blood floating up and out of his head is almost.. beautiful in an odd way..

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I have this on VHS in my "to watch" pile... You know I have never heard a bad thing about it...

You folks really like it eh....???

I'll watch it tomorrow then....

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I watched it because it was featured on Bravo's Top 100 last year.  A must see for those who love the creepy.  Very well done.  See review below if interested.  smile

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I know this is an old thread but I had to resurrect it because I just watched The Devil's Backbone and I thought it sucked.

For a start, it's hardly a horror movie. The little ghost boy doesn't actually do anything one way or another and is completely superfluous.

Also I very nearly switched it off after about half an hour of nothing remotely interesting happening. I stuck with it while it dragged on and on though only to find it had the thinnest storyline of any of Del Toro's movies. There was even less to this than Pan's Labyrinth and that's saying something.

Now the acting was good, the camerawork was good and the one scene where the truck exploded was fantastic but it didn't make up for it all being generally boring.

I've started to like a lot of the Spanish horror movies lately and Spanish cinema overall now it's all started to move away from everything being filmed in various shades of orangey-brown. I was therefore quite surprised that I hated The Devil's Backbone as much as I did.