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Now I don't know if the film I'm going to describe is necessarily a horror film; however, since the main aspect of the movie that I remember was a pretty gruesome mutilation I figured some fellow gore hounds might be able to help...

I saw a film when I was very young (probably too young to have been watching it but oh well). This was in the early 1980's so the film was probably released before 82-83. The scene I remember was some huge bald guy (who reminded me of the Midas Man) holding down a young woman's head to a large grindstone in order to grind her tongue off. It was pretty bloody. I seem to remember that it was supposed to take place either in the Roman times or a little bit later in history. It's not Caligula unless that scene was cut out of the version I have seen.

Anyway, if anyone remembers what it is, please let me know. Thanks.

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The only idea I have for this one is "Mark of the Devil"; don't remember much of it but there were torture scenes.

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Wow. I was just reading a description of Mark of the Devil and it definitely sounds like the film I saw. Thanks very much Tina.

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You're welcome ichorous.  I remember it was one of those movies where you were given a barf bag when you went in to see it.