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Yep the word is out (Been out for a while) That someday we may see a Predator 3 I was not a huge fan of the first sequel (Predator 2) but a 3rd go round would have to be better then makeing a sequel to that A VS. P shit, But you know whats even worse then makeing an A VS. P 2 that would be to remake Predator, & there is also rumors for that ( … g_pre.html ) lets hope this is not so, What do you think?

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A vs P, was a great concept -- but what did they do? Added humans and a female side-kick...  Who thought this was a good idea? 

Make a new  A vs P but do it right, focus on the Predator society.  If you must have humans, have them speak some unknown language so that THEY are environment aspect and not a story focus.  The focus for this movie must be clear, bad-ass VS bad-ass.  They have the setup in place, in the final scene, an Alien/Predator hybread burst forth.

Now all we fans need is some one to run with this.

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this is old news that Goon has been reporting on for some time. Any way you cut it this is gonna stink since its yet another lame sequel / remake.

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I wouldn't mind seeing another Predator film but this upcoming AVP2 is going to be lame..

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I really do not want another Predator movie and I do not want them to remake the original, which was really good.

And yes, the sequel to A V. P is going to be really bad.

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A remake of way imo.  I think P2 was pretty decent but they could have added maybe another Predator before the ending of the film. 

I gotta agree with everyone, with the apparent shooting script...AVP2 is going to crash and burn.  I liked the first one, it could have been better but then again it could have been worse.

I did hear rumors of AVP2 being set in the future with Colonial Marines...but I guess not.