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It appeares to be usual in the american movie´s industry to remake movies..classics, asian ones.....

Which movies would you like to see remade??? I personally would like to see Evil Dead, all 3 of them...... ! ! !

BTW, who in here saw Oldboy?? Just a suggestion, see that movie (which is great) and tell me if u think its possible that any big american producer would remake that movie and remain faithfull to the original story.... I heard rumors that is gonna happen but honestly I dont think they will ! ! !

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I personally dispise remakes.  John Carpenter's THE FOG is one of my fav films and the remake was as painful as watching Bruno Mattei's HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD. 

The only remake I can really say I enjoyed was DAWN OF THE DEAD.  The reason why was I saw the good reviews it got and found out it was a remake of an earlier film.  Now, I thought it was some kind of 28 DAYS LATER kind of thing.  I didn't know what a zombie was though I played RE a lot.  (Yes, I am oblivious).  So, I have to credit the remake into me picking up the original and getting into the horror genre.  And I am a little excited about Rob Zombie doing HALLOWEEN since I know he will respect the original and make Michael Myers a badass again.  DEVIL'S REJECTS proved he is one hell of a director and will do a good job.  I was very afraid a guy straight from music videos would do the remake with half the cast of the OC.

Evil Dead series...sacred.  Army of Darkness is off limits.  Companies will compeltely screw them up.  If they are to remake a movie, I say pick up rights to very small movies that had intresting plot lines and had some potential but didn't go very far due to budget, bad direction, or release.  And Ed Wood is off limits, it is impossible to remake his stuff.

But overall, companies should keep thier hands off the originals.

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Think Old boy would be cool to remake but the director must be the same .Like the grudge, Takeshi shimizu was there.Cause if it is another person for the directors job, its for sure the movie cannot be a really good remake.

BTW i think some remake is really cool, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Dawn of the dead,and The ring.

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Yea I've despised almost all remakes.. Only a couple have came out on top in my eyes. I would like to see some crappy movies be remade.. I mean why remake a movie that is already great? It doesn't really make any sense if you ask me.

Personally I think Boogeyman would be ripe for a remake.. It had a great premise and everything going for it.. Til they decided to jump from house to house and ruin the entire film with a ridiculous CGI Boogeyman..

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John Carpenter's The Thing is about as good of a remake as you can get.

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only remake i've seen lately was texas chainsaw massacre which i enjoyed.. the worse i've seen lately is when a stranger calls *puke* .. hopefully rob zombie does well with the Hallloween. i like the guy alot....and this The wolfman remake.. hmm. little curious about that movie..hopefully its descent..

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Man I hated the TCM remake.. It spit all over the first film and did the exact opposite of what the first was able to achieve.. As for good remakes I thought The Hills Have Eyes remake was really good.. The original wasn't that great so it didn't have to do much.. It was actually one of those films where they took the time to develop the characters and make you root for the heroes rather than the killers..

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The hills have eyes is probably the remake I like the most

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Good remakes:
Night 1990
Hills Have Eyes (about 7000 times beter than the original "masterpiece")
Dawn of the Dead 04
US Ring (an actually decent PG13)
And finally, the most awesome film EVER...DARK WATER remake. Nah, it sucked.

I don't really consider JC's Thing to be a remake though I know it is.

I usually have bad ratings on remakes though, especially those which are just House of Wax-ey.

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I am a strong believer of not remaking movies which are classics and do not need to be touched.  The Evil Dead series, I think, should be left off limits.  Mainly because Evil Dead 2 was a remake of The Evil Dead.  Also, I agree that people would screw up Army of Darkness.  I agree with Goon though, and say only really bad movies should be remade.  Other than that leave it alone... no one wants another Psycho... *shivers*.

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Best Remakes:

The Thing (but then again it is based off the short story more than the original was)
The Hills Have Eyes
Dawn of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead


The Fog


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I am split on it.  I like the look and feel of the film and  the fact it tries for something fresh with the original.  Then again, it is bloody while the original used barely any and I really don't like remakes of classics.  Hard to decide.

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This is a toughie seeing as how I HATE remakes as a rule.  Some have been tolerable, even good, okay better than the first:

Night of the Living Dead
The Thing

Some have been a slap in the face:

The Fog
House of Wax
When a Stranger Calls

Some just piss me off cause I like them if they weren't remakes:

Dawn of the Dead
(give these different names and we'll  talk.  TCM could easily have been a sequel.  As for being a remake of the original, it pales in comparison.  Tobe Hooper reached down our throats and straight into our guts with a big ol' handful of fear with the first one.  While I [even being a girl] cannot deny the hotness of Jessica Biel in a wet wife-beater and low-slung jeans, I cannot agree that film is worthy of the first.)

Some I just don't get:

(but at least they had the brains to realize you cannot improve on Hitchcock)

So after saying all of that, how can I possibly endorse the remake of ANY film?  Well, it's like this: 

I can't.  I have been thinking and thinking and I come up with nothing I want to see remade.  Perhaps something will come to me later.

PS:  No one touch Evil Dead.  Part II WAS a remake and that is why I HATE it.  smile

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*Claps on behalf of Moviemaven* lol.

P.S.  The Evil Dead series was great even if two was a remake.  The only reason Raimi had to remake it was because he could not touch the rights for his original film and had to think of a way of getting into a sequel.

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Hey, thanks for the applause.  tongue  lol

You are right about Evil Dead of course.  The series is great.  And I know why he did it, I just don't think it's a better film than the original which a lot of people do.  It can also be confusing if someone is watching it and doesn't realize what the Hell is going on.  hehe.  IMO the original can stand alone and untouched and so can Army of Darkness.  The weird thing is that you have to have the second as a segue into AOD.  It is a convoluted mess but you gotta love Raimi and Brucie anyway, right? wink

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Dude, why couldn't Raimi get the rights to his original film?  Could ya explain?

I loved Army of Darkness and even though I haven't seen 2 I figured at the start of Darkness the thing pulling Ash back in was the force that rushed him at the end of 1.  But the chainsaw had me confused till now.

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It happens all the time with first time directors.. They get real trigger happy when signing contracts and lose alot of rights to their original films. I'm not exactly sure about what happened here but I'm guessing some company owned Evil Dead and they didn't want to give it back to him..

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Basically Goon has it.  Raimi wanted to use film from the first one to move into the second Evil Dead movie, but he was unable to get the film because so many different companies ended up owning his movie rights.  And since he was unable to get any of the movie rights back, he had to redo the first one within the second and then finish off the second so that he could make Army of Darkness.  Yeah, moviemaven, it is a convulted mess but I love it all anyway smile lol.

P.S. Bruce Campbell is a god.

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Being a fan of 70s and early 80s horror I will admit some of those movies could be improved on. But, as said before, they should leave the classics alone.

Recently I've been thinking about Unhinged. It's a low budget slasher type movie from 1983(for those who haven't seen it) The murder scenes are actually done quite well, but the acting and script are both awful. I think the story has potential though.

Another one that's crossed my mind is Trick or Treat . It's a cheesy rock n' roll horror flick from 1986. More of a guilty pleasure than anything. My main beef with this movie is the villain, Sammi Curr. As soon as he shows up it ruins the whole movie. Could've and should've been way better.

OK, it's not horror but, Clash of the Titans is in serious need of an update. Think about it  tongue big_smile

I think these are the kind of movies they should be looking to remake, instead of trying to cash in on the name of movie that they cannot possibly top. (TCM,DOTD,etc)

moviemaven wrote:

TCM could easily have been a sequel.  As for being a remake of the original, it pales in comparison.

Exactly. Very few people would have went to see TCM part 5. When they entitled it as a remake of the original  they knew what they were doing.  They could've done the same thing with part 3 or 4 but it wasn't trendy then.

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*screams at notion of a remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS*  That movie could never be made good.

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Some of the good remakes were Hills and Dawn and the thing, few more.  Remakes like when a stranger calls, the fog, texas chainsaw massacre were awful none the less.  Original ideas turn out way better than remakes anyways.  I mean trying to remake Evil Dead is like trying to remake...Jaws haha.  Its a classic and it will always be a classic, therefore it should be off limits.  It should get a restraining order from a remake.

I laugh at the thought of Day of the dead remake but i liked Dawn remake so who knows.  Maybe because James Gunn kicks ass and showed it off with Slither.

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thegoldensimatar wrote:

*screams at notion of a remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS*  That movie could never be made good.

I knew somebody would call me out on that one tongue

Seriously though, think about the potential it would have with someone like Peter Jackson or Sam Raimi in the director's chair.  Add some gory, elaborate fx, some dark humor and a decent cast then you've got a winner. The story's there, it just needs to be seen in a different light.

*LMOA just thought of Bruce Campbell as Perseus* lol

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Oh you have GOTTA be kidding.  The B Movie Messiah as Perseus I...well...acting would be a lot better and a lot less wooden.

I doubt Jackson or Raimi would do TITANS remake.  Its kinda like the PLAN 9 FROM OUTTER SPACE for fantasy films.  I mean come on, how will they explain a robo-owl in a remake?

As I take a quick breather to think on what ya said Nosferatu, you do have a point.  But you need to completely overhaul the story and rename it.  According to the mythology teacher at my old high school, the TITANS were a race that existed before the Gods that the Greeks worshipped or something like that.

Still...I think it is about as likely to happen as someone remaking Citizen Kane or Casablanca.

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I hope they don't remake ichi the killer, audition or sympathy for mr vengeance. If they did then i would have to kill the american industry myself lol. I wish studios could just use the good directors around and make sum original films like hostel and saw did. It just shows they have run out of ideas and are too lazy and dumb to make there own so they just remake everything.

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God speed Aja, Roth, and Zombie!

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Zelda wrote:

BTW, who in here saw Oldboy?? Just a suggestion, see that movie (which is great) and tell me if u think its possible that any big american producer would remake that movie and remain faithfull to the original story.... I heard rumors that is gonna happen but honestly I dont think they will ! ! !

Oldboy is an amazing movie and from what I heard it IS going to be remade, and I don't see how it can be done faithfully.  Without getting into spoilers, there is a rather taboo subject involved and I can't see a big budget American studio film having that plot point stay the same, and I can't think of a good non-cliche replacement for that plot point.

On a sort of related note, I read recently that Battle Royale is going to be remade in English, and again, I just can't see that being done faithfully and good.  One of the things that makes it so good is that fact that it isn't watered down, and I can't see how they could remake it in Hollywood and not have it watered down.

On the other hand, I've recently seen the trailer for The Departed, which is a remake of Infernal Affairs.  Infernal Affairs, along with Battle Royale and Oldboy, is one of my favourite recent movies, and I was dead set against a remake when I first heard about it, and even more dead set against it when I read that Leonardo DiCaprio was involved.  That said, seeing the trailer, I think there is a really good chance that the remakes will be very good.

And, I have no real reason for optimism, but I'm looking forward to the remake of the Hitcher.  It is another favourite of mine, and since the sequel sucked so much, I'm curious to see what they do with it.