Topic: Red Victoria - From TFW, now to FearFest

We just had our premier at Texas Frightmare Weekend. And the response was truly amazing. We're blessed by everyone that came out there, and we've already been invited to attend FearFest in 2 weeks. They're just amazing folks all the way around.

Kurv Entertainment has acquired distribution rights for "Red Victoria", and there's suddenly discussion of a limited theatrical release. So this is a public thank you from the director to the cast for an amazing job on the film, and to all those that attended, and have supported the success of this little flick.

Check out FearFest, it's gonna be a smash party!  They're gonna promote me, so I return that to them.

And a SPECIAL thank's to Goon for his amazing review.. a blurb of his review is also on the big banners at our booth. One of these days I'm gonna get to meet you in person Luke.. Drink's are on me.

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Re: Red Victoria - From TFW, now to FearFest

I saw Red Victoria on Sat. at the Frighmare Weekend and thought it was great! Awesome job guys big_smile