Topic: Descent Clip : Gore-tastic!

the gooninator posted up a new clip for The Descent and simply put its pretty damn awesome!

you can also read Zeldas review of the movie here you can also read Shawns review here … hp?id=2182

Re: Descent Clip : Gore-tastic!

I ain't gonna watch it.  I am looking too much to this to spoil anything.

I am hopefully gonna get a ticket to go to Fangoria sneak peek showing on the 26th at 8 in the USA.

Tickets start selling on the 14th at

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Its a great clip.. Doesn't really ruin anything. But sometimes I like to avoid watching clips as well.. Unfortunately when I'm posting this stuff for HM I gotta watch it so I know what to say..

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u guys are gonna like the totally rules ! !

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LOL..funny Goon.  Well, since you made a good call on Dawn of the Dead Collectors...I watched the clip....:)

I can't wait. 

I am gonna be sitting in front of my compuer clicking REFRESH every minute after midnight on the 13 to get a ticket to Fango's showing.

Re: Descent Clip : Gore-tastic!

LGF just gave us an exclusive clip for DESCENT for all you horror fanatics to enjoy