Topic: FS/FT - Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Ed. DVD

I have two (2) brand new copies of Hellraiser:  20th Anniversary Edition for sale/trade.  I also have tons of non-horror dvd's as well which include everything from Disney DVD's to Superman:  The Movie (Blu-Ray).  All my DVD's are unless otherwise stated are brand, new, and are region Region 1.  Just a note for indivduals who may wish  wish to buy/trade on here and have other regions as long as your player is not PAL, check out this site:

You should be able to easily find hacks for most players - anything from Wal-Mart, BB, etc- and the hacks are very easy and usually require a few clicks on your remote.  I have utilized this many times with regards to DVD's I have gotten on Ebay or through friends from Region 2, 4 especially 4 with all the crazy euro horror/gore flicks out there.  I am in Toronto, Canada so all local people are preferred but not mandatory.

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Re: FS/FT - Hellraiser: 20th Anniversary Ed. DVD

I'd look into it but I cant find a hack for my DVD player.  The only guy on there who had one tried all the remote codes and none worked.  He took his to a Sony dealer and they did it for him after some convincing.