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Haha Michael, this sort of thing is my cup of tea.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time right now to say all that I wish...but I will start it off.

First of all Bill O'Reilly has a lot of problems apart from his misunderstanding of horror films and fans but I DEFINITELY don't have time to delve that deep.  LOL

But to this, I say...who really cares what this overinflated blow-hard windbag has to say about us?  People have been screaming for years that horror films and violent games/shows will be the death of society.  Who of us remembers when Dungeons and Dragons was swiftly sending our teens to Hell?  These naysayers will always be here and we just have to do what we have done from the beginning:  say "Fuck It" and move on. 

Viewers of his show and the like who truly believe we are demented and beyond redemption will likely never change their minds no matter what we do.  In the meantime, bad publicity is still publicity and as long as they have nothing better to talk about than how bad horror is, it will insure that there will always be curiosity and interest.  And as long as they stay the Hell away from my living room and allow me to watch what I want, we'll be just fine. 

But I don't recommend they try to keep me from it...that could get ugly.  smile

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Let's face it.  There is a huge majority of people in the world that think that just because they don't understand something in their own limited world view then that something is wrong, and must be destroyed.   Bill O'Reilly is a mouthpiece for that all too vocal majority.

Mind you I disagree with Bill O'Reilly on almost EVERYTHING, and yet  I harbor no ill will to him. I know that, generally speaking, I'm going to think that almost everything out of his mouth is vaguely idiotic kneejerk reactionary rhetoric.  The fact that so many people agree with him without researching or educating themselves on the subject is what scares me.

What was it that Criswell said?  "[W]e're in showbiz. It's all about razzle dazzle--appearances. If you look good and you talk well, people will swallow anything."

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Bill O'Reilly calling us "sadistic"? oh shit.. somebody get me a tissue I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.. This is the same guy that had lurid conversations over the phone with a co-worker.. Heh funny stuff. This guy is just appealing to his audience.

Horror is such an easy target for anyone to pick on. So I'm not worried. Siskel was a bigger threat to us back in the 80s and his call to arms didn't bring us down then so this FAR right winger has got nothing on us.. All you gotta do is google this guys name to see what he has said during his free time.. I would have liked to have seen him take on Wes Craven or Robert Englund on his show.. Those guys are both very well spoken and could easily put him in his place..

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In V for Vendetta....Bill O'Reilly is the basis for the guy whom V kills in the bathroom...same exact character. Just an endless supply of spew...subject changes week to remains the same.
Reminds me of BIG CHURCH coming together to battle liquor sales in a small city ($2million in estimated tax revenue generation-desperately needed) exactly 8 miles from the nearest wet city(5 cities in the county-this one is the only dry one...the think they have won by defeating this...truly unbelievable.

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Bill-O is paid to have ridiculous opinions, make idiotic statements, and antagonize any group or segment of society that is easy to target.

He is an owned property, like a hand puppet, that simply makes money for his company by getting people worked up over nothing....

horror movies, heavy metal, rock and roll, Elvis, comics, gays, immigrants, hippies, democrats, women, anti-war anything, rap music, are all things that have been unfairly targeted throughout the last century as the cause of our worlds ills at one time or another, simply to get a reaction and support from small minded, ignorant people that need an enemy....

Furthermore he probably has a small penis...

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Bill O'Reilly's words are painless.  They are weak words from a weak many, who finds power in the one place he can: talking a lot of bullshit.  The reality is, if there is anyone who looks for a control that he lacks, the fingers should be pointed right upon himself and his audience, filled with people who obviously need to share in the opinions of a moron for lack of individualism.

The smartest point brought about in the article is the idea, that when all is said and done, the people being tortured, murdered or harmed in some way are nothing more than actors.  The fact that they can entertain us as actors is why we turn to them, along with the writers and directors who bring about such, gory, horror beauty.  If he truly wishes to show the world a movie which should be listed under realistic horror in which people grow up to be harmful to others and look for control he should be talking about the movie Jesus Camp.  The documentary Jesus Camp is a truly scary film because of the pyschotic, future Norman Bates's.

His views, overall, are nothing but the cries of a pathetic man trying to keep about his ratings in order to bring himself some sort of meaning in his even more pathetic life.  Nothing he says will ever turn me away from horror.

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I guessed I missed out on this topic.  Just watched the video and boy is it somethin'.

Who is Bill O'Reilly to judge horror films that HE thinks are to graphic?  "Who goes to see these kinds of sadistic films?"  Well apparently a lot my igorant friend considering Saw 3 topped the box office.  And then you get this woman in here tellin' us about why we go see horror films.  What she said came out as a bunch of bullshit...couldnt it be the fact like we like horror films?  Couldnt it be that we like getting scared?  No no, its that we're angry and we need to release some anger blah blah thats a bunch of garbage.  Plain and simple, you dont like horror films DONT GO AND SEE THEM, you like them GO AND SEE THEM.  Don't let this maniacle corporate puppet tell you whats right and whats not.

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Obviously Bill O'Rielly slept through the exploitation flicks of the 70s and 80s.  Definatly stuff he is yapping about is brutal and wonderfully so...but he definatly needs to be shown the really grusome'll probably give him a heart attack...if he had one.  tongue

The shrink lady musta got a huge check up her ass to say what she said.  She makes the whole horror community look like a roving, rabid band of Charlie Mansons.  Quite the opposite creature...everyone I know who likes horror are probably the most well adjusted and nicest people I have ever met and though I have never met any of the directors or writers, interviews and from what people have said they ain't blood thristy mad men and women.  Just a bunch of folks who never really let go of their childhood and love what they do. 

Those few folks who are so mentally unstable that when they see a horror movie they decide that it would be cool to be like the killers on screen or in the book are the ones who give us a bad name and cause us even more to be the black sheep of the entertainment world.

And I must first say that a line that rings to my mind is from Marylin Manson from the Resident Evil Deluxe DVD where he says to the effect of "politicans and others think that horror movies and violent games are gonna mess up the kids even though that stuff is fantasy yet George Bush blowing up another country and killing real people won't." 

Sums it up nice and neat that folks who think that the brutal realities of life and conflict ain't gonna affect the kids while a hard R rated film is are fucked up.

Now, the thing about the horror films hurting the children is bullshit.  When is the last time you saw a horror film or a trailer for SAW or Hostel run on Cartoon Network, Nickalodeon, or any other channel whose target audiences are kids who are elementary-middle school?  I sure have never seen that.  And when is the last time you see a teller at Blockbuster renting out Day of the Dead to a 10 year old?

I sure have never seen that shit.  Its the damn responsiblity of the parents to censor what their kids do and do not watch.  With the modern remote control parents can chose the right programing for their kids and they are the ones who rent the movies and buy the movie tickets...not little Bobby of little Susie.

Coporate execs, filmmakers ain't got nothing to apologize for.  Its all makeup, CGI, acting, and directing...its not snuff and you are scared shitless watching it but when you come out after you catch your breath you laugh at yourself for being so scared at something you knew was fake. 

I agree with you Goon we need to send Robert Englund, Wes Craven or any other horror icon take O'Rielly and his minions down.  Hell, send Takashi Miike in there with copies of his films along for the ride...that'll shake O'Rielly.

I say this here and now, a declaration of war:

We, the Horror Community declare war against O'Rielly and others like him.  We rise up as one and finally stop taking their bullshit that has been shoveled onto us over there years and shovel it right back down their throats till they burst.  We stop talking about this amongst ourselves on our forums, conventions, and magizines.  We have spent years absorbing this bullshit spewed out by these absent minded morons and we are not going to take it any more.  We rise up and knock them down.

We start the revolution here my brothers and sisters.  We spread the word across the vast world wide web to every horror site from the great fortress of Fangoria to the smallest Myspace outpost.  We rally everyone who holds horror dear for a great attack against the foe.

Everyone sends letters to their bastions and clog their servers, letters to our beloved icons to help.  We peitition Robert Englund or any other icon to get onto Bill O'Rielly's show and knock him down or any other conservative talk show like Rush Limbaugh's and completely level them. 

We take the fight out of our forums and into the mainstream, we take all of this bullshit that they have piled on top of us because of a few unstable retards and shovel it all back down their throats and put them into their places.

And we don't stop until they are lying dead on the floor of their TV and radio stations. 



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Who gives a fuck about the words that come out of that fat old cocksucker's mouth, He is so outdated & old its not even funny, And apparently he don't know jack shit about horror, Why fucking run your mouth about something you don't understand?! The world is full of foolish folks & Bill O'Reilly is most definitely one of them.

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this dick said he wanst even going to see these movies so if he hasnt even seen him he shouldnt have opion then we are the horror fans who love this genre we love it cause it is entertaing not cause were a bunch of sickos bill is the sicko. he should leave horror alone and these movie have been getting made for a long time and he said they have only been recently getting made he is a dick.

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Well i've got news for Bill O'Reilly, The horror genre will be around long after Reilly is dead & gone, He is just a simple minded fool stuck in a world that has long since moved on since his days of youth, If it was up to him every one would be watching Gone With The Wind over and over. In a world thats going starght to hell as it is why worry about such little things in life as horror movies, & music and such, I mean come on there is a war going on, ppl are dieing as we speak, And the only thing this fat old cocksucker can find to run his mouth about is horror movies?!, If doing away with horror was the answer to all the problems we have in the world im sure me along with about 90% of you good ppl would have droped this genre along time ago, But im so sad to say thats not the way things go in life, As long as the world stands we will continue to enjoy horror and hopefully the ones after us (Our children) will also.

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The is just like music, our parents had people that hated the music and movies they watched and they were goingt staraigt to hell and now the same type of prople attack what is new today. It is a different time and we are a different smarter generation, assholes like Bill o Riley has to understand that and if he doesn't then fuck him in his tight ass. If were up to people like him we would all watch nice whitebred shows on tv and go to church three time a week. maybe for his discission he should have had someone on our side and not some crack pot psychologist and a yes man from hollywood.

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Heaven forfend I should post something from another Horror site, but Darren Lynn Bousman (Director if SAW II and III) fired back at Creature-Corner...

"Okay - I try not to get political - try not to offer my opinions unless asked... But this was the single most ignorant rant I have ever heard... Trust me when I tell you - I have heard a number of 'asinine' things said about horror films - and these new 'torture porn' films as they have been labeled. I understand they are not for everyone... But come on... If you are going to debate the merits of these 'gorno' films... At least come up with something original to say - or at the very least, know what you are talking about...

"The first thing that struck me about his "rant" is how these films could have never been made 10 years ago... Ok - THEY WERE being made 10 years ago... They were being made 20 years ago - hell even 30 years ago... Gore based horror films have been around for a long, long time... Go back to the early 70's and check out the 'grindhouse' films - if you want some recommendations give me a shout - I could even lend you some of mine if need be... I wish we could take the credit for creating these - but sadly we can't... They started long before us - and will exist long after us...

"Next - on your 'report' you mention that you have NEVER seen one of these 'gorno' films... Nor - in that matter had anyone on your panel. So - don't you think it's a bit hasty to be judging something you have not seen. Tell you what - I will send you a copy of the SAW series - once you have watched the three films - and educated yourself with Jigsaw and all his 'wacky' victims - then we can talk about the merit of them.

"You also ask if Lionsgate or any of the exec's 'explain it..." EXPLAIN why they allow these films to be made..." I believe the word you used was 'garbage'. You know that is a fantastic question - just the other day I was wondering if the exec's at Paramount were going to explain why they make Romantic Comedies... - - - Come on... that is the most ridiculously statement I have thus far heard... If you don't like the product - stop buying it! No one is forcing ya to sit in the theatre and watch endless hours of blood and guts. Speaking of torture - - torture is not the same for everyone... Sitting in a theatre forced to watch UNDER THE TUSCUN SUN is torture for me. Yet I am not asking the makers of that film to EXPLAIN themselves to me... I just stand up and walk out of the theatre...

"Horror is not going away anytime soon... We are here to stay...


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As much as I'd love to make a long drawn out post about how i disagree with Mr. O'riley, I'll simply say this:

Fuck you Bill O'riley.

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O'Reilly is a fucking nazi. I always laugh when I hear "Fox News, fair & balanced."  riiiight roll

The sad thing is, I think he actually believes that his own opinionated rants hold merit.
Maybe one day the narrow-minded herd that swallow his bullshit will start researching some of it.
Maybe then they would see what a tool he is. It's time to evolve people.

Btw, I could care less about what he thinks of horror movies or the fans. If you don't like something, don't fucking watch it. I know I won't be watching "The Factor" featuring the "No Spine zone" anytime in the future.

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fuck him. he can go swallow a dick

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Very well said Redrum, and I bet he does. As most of us have said he only speaks to a certain group of people that are very narrow minded and ignorant. The thing is I tend to get passionate about an issue when some one like Bill O Riley attacks something I love number one without reason and number two with very little facts. I really liked what Mr Bousman the director of saw said (see earlier post by mirthquake), it was well written and thought out. The psychologist he had on the show was a complete moron, I have never heard such stupis shit come out of someone that is supposed to be a professionals mouth. Does this woman have any clue about the average fan of horror movies. There was not a single person there to represent the other side of the arguement. Bill kept asking for the studios to explain why they let these movies get made, explain what, it's a form of entertainment just like a rap cd or an adult film or whatever Tom Cruise puts out next. Nobody asks the music industry why they let gangster rap come out, or complains about the next Paris Hilton movie. I guess my point is why should there be a double standard for horror, be it video games, movies, books, or comics we are alway under attack and having to explain why we like what we do. It's stupid. Bottom line it: If you don't like it, don't spend money on it. Don't watch it, don't read it, don't listen to it and if you have no idea what your talking about, shut your fucking mouth untill you do a little research and get a clue. And that's all I'm gonna say about it.

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Fuck Billy O'Reily and the shrink lady..there going to hell and with that there gonna see what a real horror movies like..there just jealous that they don't come close to making what they these director have made from these movies..its bullshit in my eyes they should be more worried about the war in Iraq and the slaying thats going on over there with our men and women or better yet the school shootings we've just had in the recent months now wouldn't you think that would be better news coverage? I think so..theres so much chaos going on in our world and the biggest worry they have right now is a frigin horror movie thats fake but hey why worry about the real killings and slaughters thats happening in our world fuck that shit why care right? lets be more worried about some actors splattered with fake blood..God Schneidlers List was more detailed then some of these movies but that past with flying colors or better yet how about the 9/11 documentary where you can hear the sounds of people hitting the veranda from jumping to there deaths or when they show another fallen soldier being sent home in a casket and there poor family stand there with the cameras in there faces as they watch there son, daughter, brother, husband, wife or cousin be carried out..I can go on and on but I'll stop now..I just hope someone sees my point here and that includes Mr. Douchbag O'Reily and his sidekick tightass shrinko lady..

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I know i said that that last post was all I was gonna say but raven has a good point, there are worse things on tv than a fake monster or an actor pretending to be a serial killer. i wonder if I can get Bill O Rileys phone number or maybe an e-mail address, let me look.

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RaVen, if I wasn't already attached I'd ask you to marry me!  ...tightass shinko lady indeed - LOL!!!  Well said.

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skidog wrote:

RaVen, if I wasn't already attached I'd ask you to marry me!  ...tightass shinko lady indeed - LOL!!!  Well said.

lol..I'm also attached too with luggage lol..meaning I have child..but you liked that huh she is a tight ass once she removed the poll from her ass maybe will get a different answer from her bet you any money on it..

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Here's the sick thing boys and girls i just spend about 20 minutes on captain dipshit's website and other than proving what a pompas ass he is, "No Spin Zone" my ass, you have to join his site for $49.95 for a year and then you can post on his message boards or send him an e-mail. Now in either case the site says that if you agree strongly with him and want to send him a message or gain new insight from his message boards you can become a member and do so. But what if i think he has the IQ of a cow's anus and want to tell him so, why would I want to pay him money to tell him so. I hate him almost as much as I hate that guy on tv that talks to dead people, John Edward. don't get me started on that douche bag.

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Hard2Kill wrote:

Here's the sick thing boys and girls i just spend about 20 minutes on captain dipshit's website and other than proving what a pompas ass he is, "No Spin Zone" my ass, you have to join his site for $49.95 for a year and then you can post on his message boards or send him an e-mail. Now in either case the site says that if you agree strongly with him and want to send him a message or gain new insight from his message boards you can become a member and do so. But what if i think he has the IQ of a cow's anus and want to tell him so, why would I want to pay him money to tell him so. I hate him almost as much as I hate that guy on tv that talks to dead people, John Edward. don't get me started on that douche bag.

god damn politician bullshit they rape us no matter what..they do that so they don't get people like us get on there sites because god for bid they hear the truth..