Topic: MOH: box set #2

I didn't know they had a box set #1 for the Master of Horror series, I probably would have bought it. I was looking on a coming soon web site and found the #2 box set which comes out in December that includes: Pick me up, Homecoming, Haeckel's Tale, Jennifer, Dance of the Dead, and Fair-haired Child, all in their own box with special features for all episodes. Very nice present for the horror fan on your list or me if anyone is looking. Also in December we get the release of The Eye box set, the originals made by Danny and Oxide Pang which if you haven't seen these yet your missing out. They come in a collectors box of some type and both get a group of special features. Wow and just in time for Christmas. Anyone else find anything cool coming out in the next few months. We don't wanna miss out on anything!