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lol man I hate to admit it but I kinda agree with RIP hmm I don't think its a bad film but it's not even close to some of Argento's classics. Both films are slow moving but where I think Suspiria worked in building suspense and atmosphere, Inferno failed or at least didn't match up.

Ah ha, caught you agreeing with me lol.:lol:

And saw that you made a review for the horrible slasher film called Lover's Land that you hated it worst than The Pool.:P

omg that movie was shit lol at least I could understand what there was of a plot in "The Pool"

You need to watch these slashers films cause they are even worse than Lover's Lane:

Movie House Massacre
The Majorettes
Splatter Farm
Boarding House
The Newlydeads
Bloody Murder
Slaughterhouse Massacre
The Prey
The Forest

Now back to the Inferno discussion lol.:lol:

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^lol I've seen a few of those and I could give you a list just as long of slashers that have raped me as well....but at the end of the day I've still had more fun watching them then half the budget shit out there tongue .....and yea "Inferno" is just ok.