Topic: Torso movie

Im Kristephan
Owner s SIERRA VISTA ENTER,IN CLEVELAND OH, Im also the host of my Cable horror show, "SCREAM THEATER "our area. Ive Produced and filmed  THE 1st TORSO MOVIE , inwhich I  Portray  a TV  News reporter Searching for the" KIngsbury Run murder " or The Cleveland  torso Killer. ,(
aka ..the Butcher of kingsbury Run)
Our film is titiled The RETURN of the TORSO Killer.( a taste of fear) (c.)

this was filmed in 2003-2004, we have yet to have it released this year but have plans to seek Distrubution.
My Friend and make up man DAVID GREATHOUSE of Sci Fi channel and Tales for the Darkside,Jason Vs Freddy fame, did the SPACTACULAR SpFx job  fro the killer ( Dave if you read this ,Get in Touch!) saw your movie on Sc Fi 3 weeks ago!)  On myspace/scream theater we will be uploading our trailer for 'Return of the torso killer in ONE month !
so stay tuned.

My question to Matt and Company is ...Why didnt you come to Cleveland , to Produce this where this all happened??????

ProfessorJames Badalle  who wrote the book"  In the wake of the Butcher , would  and along with myself would have given you more updated news and events that have occured on the case  only afew years ago after my filming and Publicity  of my feature film and his book debut ?

well thats all, I Feel our film will come out after this feature, and thats ok, to the rest of the world guys,   we beat you to the drawing board, a couple of years ago!


May your blood run COLD!:D
signed , Cruely yours.....
( kristephan):cool: