Topic: Need help with my Morgue Space PLEASE!

I've been working with my M.S. and have a background and one youtube video on their. I'm wanting to put more, but not for sure exactly how to do so. I thought that I read that you can only put url's in the "about me" section. Can I put url's in other sections as well, like my fave horror scene?

Thanks for any and all of your help!

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Re: Need help with my Morgue Space PLEASE!

Well see you can put videos in the other sections. If you look at mine, i have done that including adding a music playlist to it. I believe you can put other images in there to. So pretty much you can add videos and other pictures to other sections with in your M.S. Just mess around with it and whatever you come up with and if you're pleased with it, then leave it. Even do stuff with it that refers to your personality or yourlove for horror movies. Or do a combination. All i know is, just have fun with it.