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Ya know...I don't think I am alone in saying I am pissed at studios for remaking classics.  We've all said it, but folks nowadays just don't care.  Heck, most of my class in high school had no idea King Kong, Hills Have Eyes, The Ring, The Grudge, Dawn of the Dead and numerous othere were remakes. 

Kinda makes me wish I was rich enough to buy some rights to clasics to ensure they never get least for a time. 

My question is how will they remake it unless they do a carbon copy of the original?  Or unless they make it a bunch of teenagers at a summer camp *shivers*

And the werewolves, the original movie basically made the design for the modern werewolf.  How could you improve upon the design...well...Underworld did but still....

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Heh well I wouldn't say Underworld improved on the design.. You can't improve upon American Werewolf in London.. Most werewolf film directors acknowledge that they aren't even going to try and touch that film..

But are you serious about kids not knowing about the original King Kong? I can see people not knowing about the other films. Especially the Japanese films. But King Kong? Thats a real classic..

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you know i have stil not seen the howling I have picked it up and almost bought it 10 times.

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Well you all know my opinion on remakes and guess what?  It applys here as well.  This would be a really bad idea to remake for the above stated reasons.

The U.S. needs to stop remaking movies and doing interpretations of classics.  It works only about 10 precent of the time and the other 90 precent of the time you wonder why no one drags them out into the street and shoots them.  Honestly, people should just learn to leave movies alone and use a little something called "personal creativity".

As for people not knowing about the originals, yeah really many would be suprised.  I was once talking about King Kong, and this friend of my friend said, "Oh you mean Godzilla's enemy right?"  Enough said...

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Well at least he had seen King Kong vs Godzilla.. I can't imagine somebody not even knowing that King Kong was around before Peter Jackson's remake..

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I think Underworld took the Howling werewolf and imo made a cooler looking animal.  More muscle and more like a pitbull.  Bottin's work was excellent...don't get me wrong but I think the UW lycan design is a neater looking creature.

Watch The Howling Meh...great film.

Goon, I kid you not.  Many folks in my school didn't know Kong was a remake.  I came the next day after skipping school to see it bantering on and on of how good it was...the plane scene and Kong's death. Like over 90% of all the kids in the classes were shocked at this and shouted at me for spoiling it.  They didn't know it was a remake.  Really blew me away.

And the plain and simple fact of the trailer showing Kong on the empire state did they think it was gonna end?  One girl said she thought Kong would fall, be unconcious and transported back to Skull Island.

Goon...these are folks who think the remake of House of Wax is a master piece while the original is shit.  All the remakes...they think are originals.  Makes me mad.

But, thankfully....thankfully there was another hardcore horror fan in my senior class...I say....1 other.  He knew the truths about the remakes.  And there was this girl in the junior class I had film anyaisis with...she likes horror and thankfully also knew the remakes.

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The Howling is fantastic.  It's one of my favorites and, I gotta say, the idea of a remake frightens me deeply.  They've messed up too many of these things for me to have any faith that they'll do a better job with this one.

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hah Remakes, Remakes, Remakes!, Will they ever learn that we (The true fans of horror) is sick of all this remake shit, Or do they even give a damn (Im starting to think not) The Howling is a classic werewolf flick, And should be left alone, Its fine just the way it is, And i would hate to see such a awesome movie be fucked over with shity cgi werewolves (Think of the ones in Cursed They looked about like a game i would play in my ps2)

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They don't care Norrock.  There are millions of other folks who will pay to see remakes...that is why they make them.

Though we are united in this front...unless we picket premiers of remakes we...*devlish look comes across face*

Okay...point is...they can be made for cheap and no matter how bad (House of Wax or Stranger Calls) they will make some kind of profit.

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Well your last point is really not the reason they exclusively do remakes.. I mean you can do something original for even cheaper. All you need is a creative scribe and a decent director.. Look at Saw and Hostel those were made for under 5 million and managed to rake in a ton of cash.. In order to a remake there is an extra step which is buying the rights in the first place.

Hollywood has just become lazy and have learned that you can take a movie that people loved when it first came out and all they have to do is update it and people will run out and see it. Its happening not only in Horror but in all genres..

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Good point there.  Saw i think was made for all of about 1-2 million. 

Indeed, they remade The Pink Panther...of all the movies to remake, Blake Edward's classic.  That is really the only remake I can spot.  Besides all of the Asylum DTV remakes tongue

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Assault on Precinct 13, Guess Who, King Kong, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more that I can't think of off the top of my head.. Its just that the other genres get fresh ideas more often that you don't notice it.. Plus as horror fans we hold films from the past very dear to us and we know them all..

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Whoa...Mr. and Mrs Smith is a remake?

Precinct, Kong, okay.....Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...kinda hard to say for me cause it seemed closer to the book than the original.

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If the original Chocolate Factory wasn't made do you think they would have made the new one? No.. They knew that lots of people would go see it because they loved the original.. So they cast some big name star (Johnny Depp) get a well known director (Tim Burton) and bam they got a remake..

Your basically making the case for the bullshit reason that the Brad Fuller is taking with the remake to the Birds.. "We're gonna do the movie based on the story.. We are not remaking Hitchcocks film.." Bullshit.. They wouldn't go near The Birds unless Hitchcock had made a fantastic movie about it in the first place..

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ya i agree with dudewithashotgun, when they try to remake classics like texas chainsaw or when a stranger calls (even though when a stranger calls wasnt really a "classic" it was just a crappy remake) it just doesnt work.  Thats why i'm rooting for new age directors like roth who, in my case, has been pretty origional and succeeded.  And directors like Aja and Rob Zombie are making origional gory horror films.

Anyways, i really hope they dont screw up with his howling remake because the origional was a very good movie but i dont think a remake will be very good, just like i thought the hills remake wasnt going to be good but boy was i wrong.

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Yea I actually just watched The Howling on SciFi and realized how screwed over this movie is going to be.. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they don't use any CGI but I know thats not gonna happen.. We're gonna have all kinds of CGI werewolves running around..