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Sound off, this is really quite idiotic and odd.

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It sounds like the school board or principal or who ever expelled the students just panicked and are taking extreme measures. I'm not sure what the policy is but if they used a classroom to film in illegaly that may be an issue as well. The school has to protect itself, insurence-wise. Not that i am condoning the schools actions or the students either but we really don't have all the facts so I can't say I'm ready to go off on the school, but that was my first notion. And you all know how I love to rant. Damn the man!

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hmmm I want to hear Golden's take on this, I was just commenting the other day that " Wow public schools have film classes and review writing now??" In my day drama and speech and graphic arts were all we got.
sorry to say this is the signs of the "correct" times mixed in with "terrorism" phobia stirred up with force feeding the masses at public schools, is leaving us with fewer choices. feel herded up yet?
*que Pink Floyd* hey teacher leave those kids alone!!!

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Well usually only the nicest public schools get film classes.. I mean if the school is in financial trouble like most of the ones in America are those are the first classes to be cut..

Anyway yea we really don't have all the facts.. The story sounds a bit one sided at this point.. I think I would have to see the movie first. But I'm sure they are taking "pre-emptive" move so that they don't have a "Columbine" on their hands..

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Dead, we had a film anyalsis class.  Watch classics, discuss them and I learned a lot about lighting, cienematography and such.  We also had to write 1-2 reviews a week and that is where I got practice on writing reviews.  Credit that class for my reviews. complete and utter bullshit and I side with these kids.  They have every right to sue the school over this matter.  The school reacted with haste and did something that I hope will bite them so hard in the ass their heads will pop off. 

This is all completely ridiculous and shows quite clearly that the horror genre is one that has everything bad under the sun associated with it and that if you like it you are automatically assumsed to be some sort of freakshow who is on the edge and if pushed a little too far will bring in a gun to school and gun everyone down.

Being basically the only full out and open horror fan in my school I was indeed labeled by my classmates, as well as my graphics teacher, that I would walk in one day with a trench coat on, sawed off shotgun and a Tech 9 underneath.  Not a week went by where at least once or twice a classmate (and a few times my graphics teacher) would say "Now Rick when you snap remember I was nice to you." 

This is also the same graphics teacher who wouldn't allow me to do anything Lovecraftian or related to horror on projects, even if there was no blood or gore...but allowed a kid to make a  WANTED poster that had my face on it with the crime of CHILD MOLSESTATION, which she really liked.  Saying it was "well done and creative".  Course she did say when I got the Principal to land on her she never thought it would offend me.

God that did piss me off but I am not a Columbine kid, never have been never will be.  But, that is the kind of experiance I got for being open about my love of horror and I never made a film.

Enough about me...but if these kids were Columbine material, I think they would have already shot up the school as "We have adults, supposedly - and educators at that - who have failed terribly. They're willing to throw four good kids away," said Imel, whose son has missed more than a month of school. imo they would have had some time to get whatever guns or weapons they could and gone in and tore up the school. 

Also, stating that the film had "contained vulgar and offensive language," since it was done outside of school and not related to any school assignment, they could do whatever they wanted. 

threatened and intimidated a teacher."....right...I am sure crazy teddy bears are gonna come and kill her.  Saying the teacher had the same name in the film as in RL, okay so they have the same can they prove the teens meant it as a warning to the teacher that they would come after her if whatever?  And since it had the students fight them....well it sure seems like to me they wanted to intimidate the teacher.  *I hope you noted sarcasm*

I really want the teacher who apparently has the same name in RL as the teacher does in the film to come out and make a statment about relationship with the kids.  The school also needs to fess up they fucked up as I dunno about you but if I wanted to intimidate a teacher I wouldn't save him/her in the end...would just have them die.

Straight and fucked up majorly and I hope the courts do not view this kids are Columbine Charlie Manson kids because they love horror.

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Very well put Golden.  I am also questioned on how one of my favorite movies can be Cannibal Holocaust or how I like the original TCM better than the shitty remake.  But you know what?  Fuck em', you just gotta laugh at the people who make such a big deal over it.

I agree in that the school fucked up big time.  Attack of the evil teddy bears?  Come on now, obviously its a bunch of kids having a good time makin' a fright flick.  If they cant see that, then god knows what they can.  I side with the kids on this one.

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the school didnt fuck up the schools are already fucked up they piss and moan those kids are trying to launch their career and if they get expelled for that thats bullshit school today are sooo fucked up they expell u for anything this is all b/c of Bush that fucking retard who i bet never went to school Im not a smart kid either but at least i dont say gooder