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Many asian horror movies that have been released over the years have made a huge impact here on the states. With that whole entire genre, there are many different things that revolve around those types of movies, like: the supernatural, torture, etc. But this specific movie, Kill Devil, deals with survival. Basically every man and woman for theirself. It's really similar to Battle Royale. If you liked Battle Royale, you might just like this movie.


Many people have violent impulses, but what makes some people give into them while others resist? It's the year 2025 in this Japanese dystopic horror film, and a gene has been discovered that compels people to kill one another. On a secluded island, horrible experiments are being conducted on young people with the proclivity to murder, but with the introduction of a new, top-secret study, the youngsters begin killing each other off with ever-increasing ferocity.



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I would like to note that it's not better than Battle Royale. But definitely right up there imho. So basically if you come across this movie, i would definitely pick it up.

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Also on another note, for some odd reason there's a scene in there that's not in the movie. And there is an alternate ending, but if you see this, definitely not watch it. I'm warning you not to watch it.

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the trailer looks really good, i'm gonna try to check this movie out

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It looks intense. Love the dancing. Is that in it. I loved the dancing in Kung fu hussle and The Blind Swordsman not horror but great films to me.

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Actually yes there is that dancing in the movie but it's for the alternate ending. So if you pick up the movie, it will have that dance sequence and all you can do is laugh your ass off.