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gutterjim wrote: is really cool too. I no longer have it but man it's awesome to have so many random free horror movies at your finger tips.

I'll second that.  I have FEARnet and they have a slew of horror flicks available each and every month.  You guys might also want to check out their website -- it streams full-length horror flicks you can watch at any time and it's totally free.  And it's not just DTV crap, either: they're showing Peeping Tom, Wishmaster, Milo and several others right now, and I believe it's every Thursday they put new films up. -- click on "free movies."

Re: SciFi channel sux

If I wasn't stuck with dial -up I'd go big time for

Re: SciFi channel sux

TenderJane wrote:

Man, back in like 70 or 71 I remember pissin in my fcken pants when the Chiller 6 finger hand came out of the ground and ate the letters and said C H I L L E R R R ....

I loved chiller when i was a kid, i remember watching it here and there when i was allowed, but the creepy hand also freaked me out and i loved it each time!

to be honest the scariest thing i saw on tv as a youngster was an anti-smoking commercial, where a woman said how she fell asleep with a cig, and then burned up, you see her picture then its removed and you saw the actual burned woman!!

it scared the shit out of me, i always changed the channel when it came on.