Topic: Review: The Breeze Horror by Candace Caponegro

This book begins strong with an accident in space causing contamination to rain from the sky. Those caught in the toxic storm are turned into zombie type beings. These are intelligent zombies though. They have the same wants as they did when they were alive, but it has altered there mental state. The story focuses on one island’s ordeals as they struggle with these new beings while being isolated from the United States mainland. Those unaffected by the contamination grow to fear those that are infected and quarantine them. This just contributes to their already unstable mental condition which results in turning them into monsters. The story continues on focusing on the struggle between the monsters and the humans leading up to a conclusion that will leave you disgusted.

It seems that the author wanted to take the book in an original direction, which I respect, however the chosen direction ruined the entire book for me. What results is something that seems so implausible; it takes the reader out of the story. If for the sake of just finishing the book, you accept what is present before you as possible, it should have only lasted one or two chapters after the revelation. However, it continues on for ten chapters.

Overall, the story flows well and is coherent. It also keeps you interested up until Chapter 29. If someone were to ask my advice I would say skip it. But, if you insist on reading it I would recommend stopping after Chapter 28.

If anyone would like to know what the book ruining moment is feel free to PM me.

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Nice review.. Kind of sounds like she used a Brian Keene kind of zombie.. Intelligent, able to speak and function like normal human beings..

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great review greg.