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I sat in my office, a bottle of Jack Daniels sweating in my hands, and my shotgun at my side, my desk, I wrap the bandage around my arm which is bleeding heavily, I cut my arm deep on the side of a car deep running back towards the station. I need to go find a doctor and get it stitched up before I bleed to death, I first take an old newspaper and tape strips of it to the bandage in case the blood seeps through the bandage it won't leak for a few minutes till it gets past the newspaper. I figure i better head towards The Doctors office, the clinic would be over run with zombies, I've never been to the doctors office, I always went to the clinic, I heard Dr.Parker is a nice guy, that is if he does'nt want to eat my brains.

I open the door of my office with my shotgun in my right hand, I put the shotgun's barrel into my left hand and walk forward, The sound of zombies moaning in the distance is a scary reminder of whats outside, I walk out of the stations doors, theres no one inside the small station, because all of my deputys took calls about the zombies and never returned.

I set out towards the doctors office

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I was in my office and all I could hear was screams.  I'm a doctor, I should be helping these people, not hiding.  But my training told me I wasn't armed to deal with this situation.  Not now.  I'd be eaten alive, ripped to pieces before I could save anyone.  Survival is the first thing.  I won't do anyone any good if I'm dead...or undead.  I barricaded the door and grabbed my scalpel and the fire axe.  I opened my drawer in my desk and pulled out my Beretta M9.  I'll have to stay here and try to stay alive.  At least for a little while.  Survivors will surely come here in need.  Then all of us can hold up in here and get treatment until we figure out our next step.  I had tried calling the Sheriff's office, but there was no answer.  I'm not surprised.  They are out there, fighting this thing.  The sheriff, Roger, he is one tough bastard.  I heard stories of him and his father.  Law is in their blood.  I don't  know how his deputies will do, but I know the sheriff is alive in this town.  My guess is once he is done fighting, doing what he can, he'll rally up survivors and come here.

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I opened the door to the doctors office, it was on ground level in a decent sized building, zombies where roaming around outside, a few of them had caught my attention and started lumbering slowly towards me, I went inside the doctors office and locked the door, I turned on the light at the end of my shotgun, the lobby was dark but I could hear some sort of chewing sound, I move the light up to see five or so zombies crowding around 3 bodies on the ground, from the looks of it, they had just recently died.

I lifted up my shotgun and aimed towards 2 zombies coruched down eating, I pulled the trigger and the shell exploded, sending pellets into the heads of the 2 zombies, both of there heads exploded into a bloody mess, I cocked the shotgun back and aimed towards the other zombie at the other bodie, I pulled the trigger, I shot the zombie from the side, his guts started falling out from the side, I walked up to the zombie cocked the shotgun back and put the gun to his forehead I pulled the trigger and splattered his brians all over the floor, I cocked my shotgun back and killed the final zombie with my shell.

I wipped the sweat off of my forehead and went towards the doctors office inside the building, I tried opening the door then I banged on it and said "Dr.parker, If your in there, Its Sheriff Tanner, I need medical attention". I banged on the door once more and waited

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Lee Anderson walked past the deserted buildings of the city. The abandoned McDonalds with windows broken out, the food on the tables almost completely untouched and now molding slowly. A roadblock where police officers had fought and the result . . . dead to the last man, off somewhere as zombies. A burning building that could barely be recognized as once being the local Starbucks. He walked through the literally deserted parking lot of a Go-Mart grocery store, cars sitting empty and overturned shopping carts every which way.

And all this way, Lee was not thinking sadly of the humans who had died in this mass zombie outbreak and take-over of the city. He was looking into the buildings and looking for something salvageable that he could trade to another survivor for food or other types of supplies. That was how he'd gotten the baseball bat he carried proudly, the end covered with dried blood and brain matter.

And then up ahead, Lee saw the doctor's office and grinned widely. Plenty of junkies that probably survived. If he could get those medicinal drugs out of that office, that'd be utterly awesome. Thinking very optimistically, Lee ran towards the doctor's office.

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I awoke to someone calling my name.  When did I pass out?  I must be exhausted.  I can't even tell.  Even just waking up, my blood is pumping.  I listened more carefully.  The sheriff.  I knew he would come, but I had no idea how bad he was hurt.  Or if he was bitten.  We had alot of cases where people came in bitten.  They die shortly from what looked like an infection.  Of what I don't know, but I know I can't treat it.  I don't know how long it takes, but they always got back up.

I cleared the wreckage from the door.  I could see the sheriff clenching his arm.  Sheriff Tanner took care of the wound as best he could, but if it's a bite there is nothing I could do for him.  Turning the handle to the door, I started reaching for my M9.  If he is bit, I should take care of it now.  Before I could even touch the handle to my gun.  The sheriff explained to me how it happened as he came in.  He showed me the wound and took a seat in my chair.  I grabbed my things from the other side of the room and started stitching him up.  He started telling me about the situation.  It was bad.  We both agreed we needed to come up with a plan.  Wait for survivors longer?  Go out and search?  Before we could even really think about it, we heard a window smash.  Someone was breaking in down by where we store the pills.

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Lee smashed the window out with the end of his bat and climbed inside, grunting with the effort and looked at the pills in awe.

"Oh my dear Jesus," he whispered. "It's junkie heaven, dude. I'm gonna get payed good money for this shit."

He heard footsteps outside the medicinal supplies room, in the empty hallway --- or what he thought was an empty hallway.

"Oh shit, I guess some doctors are still here. Or else those are zombies!" Lee muttered, preparing to fight whoever came through the door.

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The stitches in my arm still gave me pain, but I loaded 2 fresh shells into the shotgun and walked towards the Medicinal room, he opened the door and aimed the shot gun at the young man in the medicine room he also yelled "Freeze"

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Lee grabbed an IV bag nearby and threw it at the sheriff dude's face, diving to the side in case the shotgun blast was fired toward where he had been standing. He rolled over on the ground, coming in for a landing right beside the sheriff and swinging his bat towards the guy's legs to knock him to the ground, hoping the blow connected and hoping the sheriff didn't have unusually fast reflexes.

Then Lee dove through the door that was open behind the sheriff, not even looking to see if the blow had hit the sheriff. He just ran, knowing that whether the blow hit or not the sheriff would be going after him.

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I had fired the shotgun towards the looter but he had managed to dodge the blast, roger jumped, the bat just missed his feet, and he cocked the shotgun back again,and ran towards the door, he aimed the shotgun towards the looter running away, he lowered the gun and shut the door "bastard got away, hopefully those damn zombies get him". Roger sat down in the lobby of the doctors office and spoke to the doctor "I figure we might as well try and round up survivors, weapons and food and hold up in the station".

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I could finally see the town in site as I kept one eye on the gas guage and the other trying to find a place to land.  The chopper already started to spit as it was taking in every last drop of fuel and it was all I could do to keep it under control.  I found a structure near the north of the city but as it grew nearer I could see it was swarming with the same infestation of walking flesh that I was hoping to leave behind.  I was basically running on fumes at this point and knew I had to land right away.  So I settled for this little building to the east, Dr. Henry Parker M.D. the sign read and put the chopper down as fast as I could.  I knew I had gotten lucky but chalked it up as some serious skills. 

As I got out of the chopper the smell of death was over-whelming, I could hear moaning followed by screams of distress.  I remember thinking to myself this sounds alot like home.  I walked around the roof top and noticed 2 points of entry, a hatchway in the roof and the fire escape.  I lifted the ladder to the fire escape so nothing could get up that way.  I found some metal lifting wire in the helicopter I used to secure the hatchway.  I finished rummaging through the stuff in the chopper and found a few flares, first aid kit and some candy bars. 

I sat down with one of the candy bars just beginning to wonder if anybody in this town was alive when the sound of shotgun blasts rumbled under my feet.  I stood up and lit one of the flares in time to see some dude running out from the building carrying some bags.  I stood there watching intensely as he dodged a couple of the undead hoping he'd put on a good show and entertain me.

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Lee did indeed put up a good show for the man watching up above him unbeknownst to Lee of course. The bags were slung over his shoulder and he was holding the baseball bat in both hands, ready to fight as the zombies came from all sides. He swung the improvised blunt object into the first zedhead's face and knocked him back with the left side of his face caved in, but remarkably still 'alive', in a zombie sense of being alive.

"Bullseye!" Lee yelped, dodging nimbly as the downed zombie grabbed for his ankle while he passed it. The young thief slammed the bat down twice more into the zombie's forehead and nose and it went limp and still and Lee left it behind to rot in the sun. Another zombie looked up from the human it had killed maybe half an hour earlier and let out a moan of insatiable hunger, blood running from the corner of his mouth.

Almost knocked back just by the pure smell of the odor of rotting flesh, Lee swung and missed, the bat striking sparks from the pavement by the zombie's head. Pulled forward by the momentum of the swing, Lee fell and scraped his knee deep and bloody on the pavement as well and let out a rip-roaring yell of pain. The zombie, now feet away, started crawling forward, eyes gleaming horribly as if it still was alive.

Ignoring the burning pain blossoming in his leg, Lee assessed the situation. The bat had flown from his hands and had disappeared into a dark alley across the street. He had no weapon, no IV bag to throw at the zombie like he had the sheriff, no improvised weapons. At that point, the zombie's twisted mouth was ALMOST on Lee's shoulder and the former high school student was holding it back with a foot planted on its bloody bare chest.

The zombie let out a baleful moan and lunged, brushing Lee's already injured and weak leg aside. Lee was panicking at that moment and just grabbed for anything, picking up a sizeable rock and smashing the zombie's head with the rock over and over, ignoring the gooey brains covering his hands.

When it was dead, Lee pushed the corpse off and lay panting in the street as the zombies closed in on all sides. He was fucked unless SOMEBODY saved him.

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As I saw the crawlers closing in on the man running from the Dr. office I started to drain some oil out of the chopper into a soda bottle just incase he ticked them off enough for them to try and attack me.  I turned around and saw he was being circled.  I knew he was a dead man but that didnt bother me.  What pissed me off is that he was having all the fun.  After being caged up for 4 years I needed some action.

I lowered the ladder on the fire escape and climbed down.  Soda bottle full of oil in one hand and the flare in the other I started drenching the bastards in oil and lighting them on fire.  I turned 4 of them into crispy critters when I saw out the corner of my eye about 10 more coming our way.  I extended my hand to man on the pavement  "gimmie some of that shit you're carrying and i'll help you up the ladder, your choice"  I said to him.  I knew it had become survival of the strongest and who knows, the drugs he has might be useful.

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Lee considered the offer for a moment. Just a moment. Then he grabbed the other man's hand, nodding. "It's a deal," he replied desperately. "I fucking hate this shit. Man can't even get his own shit man without being jacked." All around them, the zombies were still coming on strong, albeit slow, about ten of the suckers.

Still holding the brain-covered rock, Lee ran forward boldly and kicked one backwards so that it slipped in its own entrails and then he knelt and smashed its head in with the rock, adding more brain matter and coagulated blood to his hand and the rock alike. But Lee didn't even notice; he was so pumped full of adrenaline that five thousand year old feces could be covering him and he wouldn't be swayed from his task by it.

"That took a lot of guts," Lee quipped to the zombie whose intestines lay everywhere all over the ground. The boy felt alive. He was killing zombies and taking names --- erm, maybe just killing zombies, that is. "Come on, dude. We better book back to that doctor's office before these freakazoids get close enough to start trying to bite us as usual."

Lee and presumably the other guy ran back towards the doctor's office, keen not to let any zombie chow down on them that particular day.

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"Shit, sounds like its getting berserk out there, Dr.Parker, do you have a car?, I think we should take as much medicine and supplies as we can and head back to the station, its not helping being out here, we need a secure place and the station is perfect". I searched through my pockets for the last  few shotgun shells i had left and reloaded the shotgun.

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Gingerly I eased myself round the door of my low rent hotel room.  A sooty orange glow is visible a street or two over and the reek of cooking flesh makes me gag.

"Christ" I say under my breath wondering how this shit can get any worse.

The last 24 (or was it 48?) hours flit through my mind, the bar tender Mitch who'd always been so kind was the first one she'd come across, he's just walked straight into the change room, the girls squealing and fussing in delight - right up until he'd grabbed Sheila by the throat and bitten her lip off... after the blood and the screaming and the running I had no idea how many, if any, of the other  girls had made it out of the club.

Since then I'd stayed holed up in my room, as first the power went, then the phones, still I stayed, What do you do when the world has gone wild? But now I find that water has stopped running and I have little choice left but to go out and see if there are any others left alive, nah, fuck my fellow man, I just have to get the hell out of Dodge.

My name is Rachel and on the day after I'm still alive.

Shouldering my pack back full of bottled water, I pocket the ice pick in the hotel room and heft the Fire axe I pilfered from the foyer.

I decide to heading away from the centre of town - I mean any population centre is going to be a zombie buffet right now,  but watching that sickening orange glow only a block away I have to wonder... was there someone else?  I suddenly realise that against all reason I've decided to find out and staying as much to the shadows as I can I slip down the street to make toward the source of the fire.

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Lee was about to enter the relative safety of the doctor's office when he saw a woman running down the street toward them. He grappled with mingled cowardice and a desire to help her out somehow. His heart beating three times the rate it normally did from all the excitement and running and head-smashing, Lee made a decision.

He ran. Ran away from the doctor's office and towards the woman, hefting the rock and starting to clear a path through the zombies for the woman to make it into the doctor's office. This was the first step to uniting the varied survivors.

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Coral looked out  a crevice in  her boarded up livingroom window and wanted to cry. All her hard work in the past year destroyed by the zombies wandering outside the past couple of nights.  She tried the phone again, already knowing it wouldn't work, but she needed to get hold of someone, anyone. It was too quiet right now, and it scared her worse than the moaning and pounding from the zombies. She had to get to town. It was only a ten minute drive, a 20 minute walk. Did she dare?

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"Jesus wept"

I curse under my breath.  The kid in the middle of the street looks like he's about 16, covered from top to toe in gore and filth.  Is that a rock in his hand?

"Are you shitting me?" 

Mind you the guy on the fire escape looks like he can handle himself. 

The thought has barely formed when the kid swung in my direction and started running at me swinging away with his rock and drawing all the wrong kind of attention from the flesh sacks that had hitherto been unaware of my presence.

Hefting my axe I vault up onto a nearby car and brain the first nasty reaching for me.  The couple nearby seem momentarily unsure whether to go after me or junior.  He takes out one and I take the legs out from under the other. I don't even pause, gotta keep moving once they know you're there.   

Two more burning beauties are lurching around courtesy of Mr Fire Escape, one of them falls into a pile of garbage which ignites. 

I go left around Old Smokey and take a split second to go over my options.  The fire escape or the broken window which is visible in Docs office?

The young kid is really working that rock of his but you don't stay lucky forever. 

"Hey Kid!" I yell and motion toward the broken window.   I don't want to be forced into seige and on a rooftop there aint nowhere to go.

As I pass the fire escape heat blossoms against my back and spinning I see another zombie go up in flames. I glance up at the rough neck above me

"Hey Handsome - going my way?"

Then I bolt for the Docs place.

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As I start going back up the fire escape I see the guy behind me turn around and run the other way.  "You're on your own now pal" I yell to him, still torching the zombified corpses as they get close.  I watch the man running down the street with the rock clenched for dear life smashing into the zombies than I notice another survivor.  "Kids got balls" I say under my breath as I light somemore of those bastards on fire.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a woman come running down the street towards the docs office.  I pause for a moment as I watch her make her way through the carnage and debris.  She yells up to me than disappears out of my view.  She wants me to go with her.  Under any other circumstance it would be a no brainer.  A fine ass looking woman asking me to follow her - thats party time but under these conditions I must hold back.  On one hand she knows how to survive and its been oh so long since I've been around a woman but I tuck it way and realize theres no way in hell Im going to get myself barracaded up inside a building and not see day light.  I've been locked up far to long and I won't be put in that situation again.  Besides the chopper's parts have helped me thus far and I cant see leaving it behind if I need something else plus I have the bag of medical stuff the kid stole from the docs.

So I pull the stairs to the fire escape back up and secure them still wondering what the young lady is going to do down below me as I look for a way to secure the already existing power lines from the docs office over to the roof top of the next door grocery store so they can hold a man climbing across them and maybe get some food and beer up here.

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Lee just stood quietly outside as the other two went about their own ways, both the man and the woman. He turned and saw a burning zombie a few feet away and quickly sidestepped and it stumbled past, and the kid smashed the back of its charcoaled head in with the already nasty rock. It was like something out of a horror movie. Imagine that!

Not even thinking about going inside, Lee turned and bashed another walking corpse straight on the chin. They were starting to kind of gang up on him now, three coming from the left and another pair from the right.

"Zombies, huh?" he asked the unanswering undead. "Psssh, easy . . . You're first to go, you rotting scumbag."

Taking a reckless dive toward the zombie he'd addressed, he knocked it a glancing blow in the forehead with the rock and it tumbled backwards, apparently dazed. He stood looking at the other four zombies, holding the rock.

"Forget this," Lee said, running back towards the doctor's office, but changing course when a burning zombie made a grab at his arm, and screamed in pain as pieces of the zombies rotted flesh melted to his wrist, burning like . . . like, well . . . fire. Lee jerked back for a moment, then composed himself despite the pain and raised the rock, inflicting a brain injury on the zombie that held him in its white-hot grasp.

"Thanks for setting the zombies on fire, you idiot!" Lee yelped towards the roof as he ran up to the broken window and jumped in after the woman survivor. He lay there, panting and hyperventilating and staring at the sizzling flesh, both zombie and his, that had been about two inches of his arm. The rest was fine, but those two inches were irreperably burned.

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A zombie came out of a closet in the doctors office and bit Dr.Parker in the neck, I aimed my shotgun towards the both and thought that I would kill Dr.Parker If i fired, I lowered the shotgun and pulled out my 9mm, I aimed at the zombies head and pulled the trigger, I missed, I aimed again and killed the zombie.

Dr.parker stood on his knees, bleeding out of his kneck he spoke "Kill me, I'm infected". I looked at him in realization that he was and he would only come back to eat me alive, I took my shotgun and put it up against his head, I spoke "I'm sorry Dr.Parker, I won't let you be one of those things". I pulled the trigger and his head came off. I heard peopel jump into the window of the medicine room and I ran over and opened the door I aimed my shotgun and spoke "Freeze, fuck it", I ran towards the window which a zombie was coming close to, I stopped in front of the window, the zombie was right infront of the other side of the window I raised my shotgun and took the zombies head off I took a wooden Medicene shellf and put it up against the window, I stacked as much as I could against it and then said "Okay, What are you names".

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A shot gun blast reverberated through the floor just as I jumped in the broken window - it was I guessed a good sign - someone was still alive.

The kid with the rock hauled his bony ass in the window after me, nasty looking burn on his arm... just as the guy with the big noise maker stepped into view.

"Freeze fuck it!"

The big fella spattered in blood and brains darted to the window and took down the approaching zombie,  the kid was sitting on the floor looking the charcoal briquette formally called his arm. The guy with the gun turned pulling down some shelving to barricade the window, as he did so the light filtering in from the burning garbage in the street allowed me to recognise him - Big Rodger Tanner, town badge. 

"Okay, What are your names?"

I shrugged at the kid "can't speak to the mall rat, Sheriff, but I'm Rachel and I'm pretty fucking glad to see you." 

To be honest I was just a little surprised the big law man hadn't recognised me, Tanner was the best kind of small town law man, he knew the club, and the regulars and made sure they didn't take an unhealthy interest in us. He was real respectful... and I liked his laugh, I remembered it from the night I explained how Fast-Handed-Freddy wound up in emergency after trying to push a game of grab ass too far.

As an after thought I added "there's a big guy next place over on the rooftop, seems to be keeping it together."

I glanced around, taking in the body lying in the spreading pool of blood I figure was probably the Doc.

"Okay Tanner - you gotta plan?"

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" Zombie came out and bit him, He asked me to kill him, he did'nt want to become one of those things, I can't blame him but i do have a plan I figure we get a decent car, maybe find one of my squad cars, hit the gun store if it has'nt been completely looted by now, Hit the gas station get some gas containers, if the pumps are down cpyhon gas from the cars, hit the food store, then get of the Letterkenney army depot, get a humvee then head down south, there will probably be the most resistance down there".

I reloaded my shotgun with 2 shells, I had 8 shells left and then I was down to the 9mm.

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Coral decided it was best to drive into town. She gathered a few items she thought be important, bottles of water, dried fruit; she had did herself this past summer; a sweater, clean jeans and underpants and couple tshirts. She tossed the stuff in her large gardening tote bag. Inside the bag was her favorite gardening shears, she took those out and stuck them in her back pocket, looked at the machete she used for heavy weeding sitting on the shelve above the washing machine, and grabbed that also.
She walked through her small house, knowing it was the last time she will be in it. She stopped at the photo on the dresser. It was her wedding photo.
"Guess you were right, the world is going to shit." she kissed the photo and put it face down on the dresser. "I suppose I should take Pete's gun also." She opened the drawer and grabbed the pistol and the shells next to it. She put them into the back also. She didn't know how to use it, but she figured she learn real damn quick.

Checking through the peepholes, she didn't see anything around, opened the door and Coral ran to her car. She locked the doors, started the car and took off, her wheels spinning the gravel behind her. She took one last look through the rearview mirror, said a quiet goodbye to her house and drove towards town.

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Lee looked on blankly as the conversations took place and dismissed the body as just some stupid doctor that let himself get bitten foolishly.

"I'm not a fucking mall rat or a little baby boy or whatever you guys are thinking about me," he said indignantly. "I can handle myself. I screwed over countless zombies out there with a frigging rock, guys. I'll tell you one smart thing though. We got to keep moving because if we stay in one place too long, those rotters out there are gonna group up and push this gay little shelf over and we're royally fucked."

He looked down at his badly burned arm, wincing slightly. Then he continued, looking at the two others.

"I really don't wanna be eaten alive by zombies. Take a look out there right now. There must be at least fifty that have gathered just this hour. So don't get that 'we should be safe in here' attitude like that old 1960s zombie movie, man . . . It's time we left this place."