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hey guys i have to do a report on this gay ass book and i was wondering if u guys know anything bout it cuz i aint reading the whole fucking book again it was soo stupid plz leave some feedback

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ahhh sometimes the torture of reading a classic builds character.....
*sits wisely with hands folded*

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If you really can't bring yourself to read it you could always pick up the Cliff Notes version or something like that, but be aware teachers know what's in the condensed versions of these books so they will sometimes look for things that are'nt there or ask suprise questions.

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I feel your pain man.  I had to read the Odyssey in 9th grade and it wasn't an enjoyable experience.  The only thing I remember is the one eyed cyclops, thats about it.  Good luck.

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Come on guys....Homer/Odysseus...this is a solid story'll cheat yourself to not read this one, at least get the cliff notes...I think there's some TV/Vids you can rent..Armad Asante was in one I know...but the read is better.

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sounds interesting, I wouldn't mind reading the book.  I have seen the movie Jason and the Argonates.  Would that be included in the story.  I know it is mainly about Odysseus.  Greek mythology has always interested me and this is one of the books that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on.

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Asterisked one.

Want some fun?  Watch "O Brother Where Art Thou" a couple of times, THEN read the book.  Blind Oracles, Cyclops, Sirens... they're all there if you know where to look.

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Jason And The Argonauts is the story of a young prince who gathers kind of a who's who of mythological heroes (such as Hercules) in the quest for the golden fleece.

The Odyssey is about an old king who fought in the Trojan War.  He's a smart man (in fact, if I recall correctly, he's the originator of the Trojan Horse, which allowed the Greeks to win after 10 long years), who makes a crucial mistake just before he leaves for home.  Angered, the gods essentially force him to sail for another 10 years before he finally reaches home.

It's really too bad, that like Shakespeare, the language used in the Odyssey kind of flows in a poetic way.  The translations, like those of Beowulf are pretty stilted, and of course it's difficult for poetry to reach a modern audience. 

I like the story myself, but find it to be quite unreadable.   Are you in High School?  Considering your use of language, I'm guessing yes.  In my experience, High School teachers are the worst.  It's as if, in many cases they're trying to overcompensate for not having continued their education  They're trying to show off how smart they are.   They should stick with Huckleberry Finn.

It sounds like you have read the story once.  It's too bad, it sounds like you didn't retain anything from the first reading, since you're stuck with reading it again.  You are most unfortunate for having not one, but two teachers who are a little bit insecure.  The Odyssey is certainly very heavy reading.

PhilnEdee, you're absolutely correct...the story is a true classic.  It's too bad it's presented in a format I have a difficult time reading. 

"O Brother Where Are Thou" is an excellent adaptation of the story, though I think they spend considerably less time on the road.  Gotta love those Sirens.  wink  And John Goodman makes a helluva cyclops.