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The kid is babbling to himself.  He seems a tough little bugger but even so,

I glance over at Tanner

" If we take a length of hose with us we can syphon  straight from the underground tanks at the servo even with the pumps out. Loot a garden between here and there and we should be okay"

I register what the kid is saying about how the numbers of crawlers outside are growing and something occurs to me.

"Anyone else notice that one Zombie is never one for long?  Seems to me what one of cocksuckers knows, they all do."

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"When ever you're ready to move, I am, just hold on a second". I walk out to Doctor Parkers body and search through it, i find a Berretta 9mm, I walk back into the Medicine room and hand the gun to the girl and say "You might need this, less exhausting then smashing a zombie with an Axe". I went over the shelf and said "Give the axe to the kid and we'll head over to the parking lot and see if we can get a car, I'm going to move this shelf once you guys are ready, just say so", I put my arms on the shelf and waited.

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Lee accepted the axe and stood waiting for the sheriff to shove the shelf away. Pumping with adrenaline, Lee nodded and the sheriff pushed the shelf aside. The first zombie to step up to the plate was a mean-looking hombre that might have been a concrete worker in his time before reanimation. Now, he was just another zombie whose face looked like raw hamburger meat from one of Mr. Burnzombiesalot up on the roof.

Wondering why the sheriff didn't just blast the thing with his shotgun, Lee stepped forward and swung the axe. The wound he inflicted in the man's skull wasn't exactly brain surgeon-worthy work, but it was effective. Lee kicked aside the falling body and led the way out the window boldly.

"Come on, asshole!" he yelled over his shoulder to the sheriff as he ran towards the parking lot without another glance back to see if they had made it.

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I jumped out the window and aimed the Iron sights of my shotgun towards the nearest zombie and pulled the trigger, the zombies head came off and I cocked back the shotgun again, I looked over my shoulder and spoke "Come on, Lets go". I ran towards the parking lot.

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I briefly glanced at the safety, and then jumped out behind the guys.  I followed a pace or two behind the sheriff and... hell... (what IS the kid's name anyways?) determined not to shoot unless absolutely necessary. Shit, I shoulda kept my axe - it won't run out of ammo, still I'd wager dollars to doughnuts I'm a better shot than the kid so I just watch our six and follow the men folk -
I glance up thinking about the guy on the fire escape... I'd failed to mention to Tanner he was in a D.O.C jumpsuit when I saw him, Good guy or not lawmen tend to get funny if you're a fleeing felon.   

I yell over my shoulder to Tanner

"going after the guy on the roof - let him know what's goin down"

Tanner nods,  and I notice he has spun the shotgun and is cracking skulls with the butt - I guess I'm not the only one worried about ammo

"RV at the gun shop"

"WilCo" I respond, and tucking the handgun into the waist band of my jeans, I motion to the fire escape, Tanner nods and spins the gun again to cover me if needed.  I sprint, and with only a feint or two I'm there, leaping I clear the few feet needed to catch hold of the fire escape without too much trouble, all that dancing and shaking my ass had to be good for something.

I swing my legs up and round the rungs and pull myself upright. Then wave to Tanner and the kid who turn and sprint away - taking most of the zombies in tow.

With a low whistle to alert him to my presence. I call to him;

"Hey  Convict, gonna ask a girl up?"

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Lee huffed and puff as he and the sheriff dashed around the corner and towards the gunshop, some of the more fresh zombies actually sprinting after them.

"Why did the frigging stripper get the gun?" Lee yelled at Tanner, turning and cracking the axe into the face of a sprinter who had nearly been on his tail, literally. He didn't look like he was having a good time swinging the heavy axe every time he wanted a kill. He looked like he actually missed his rock. Another zombie fell, face and throat slashed, and Lee turned and followed the sheriff onwards once more.

The first thing he did when they burst through the unlocked doors of the gunshop was get rid of the axe. His eyes flicked back and forth reverently over the stock of firearms. He grabbed a pistol and grinned at Tanner.

"Rock on."

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I ran into the doors of the gun shop and locked the doors behind me, the girl before had decided to go to the fire escape where there was some other guy was, I looked around the gunshop, first I found a strap for my shotgun and taped it onto the gun, being careful not to tape any moving parts, I put the shotgun on my back and looked around for a rifle of sorts, I manged to find an M-4 Semi-automatic Rifle with a burst fire option, I grab a bag from a shelf and shove ammo for the m-4 in it, I also grab a Belt for my Magazines, I load in bullets into the magazines for the M-4, I mange to find a few Illegal Silencers and pack them into the bag and load one onto the M-4, I Drop my 9mm and pick up a Glock 17, I load a 31 round Magazine into it and pack a few into the bag along with some boxed bullets. I am ready to go.

I look at the kid "You better get some more guns then that son, Pick a Glock 17 and an M-4, Maybe a shotgun to and we'll try to get over to that Army Depot, I look out the window of the door and see a few cars in a parking lot, I see one zombie trapped inside a car with a seat belt on, "We better go for that car with the seatbelted zombie, We can lure it out of the car and get the keys off of it, or it might already have the keys inside of it".

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Lee nodded, grabbing the necessary weapons. He holstered the pistol and let the shotgun hang from a strap and walked out  of the shop with the M4 aimed at the car. All he could think of was how much he'd moved up in the world from a baseball bat, to a rock, to an M4 carbine with burst settings.

And, just like Lee did anything else, he pulled the trigger. Without thinking. Without thinking that the bullets firing and the bullets impacting the steel and glass of the car would attract more and more zombies. The seatbelted zombie jerked as it was shot repeatedly through the chest and head rapidly.

Lee ran up to the car and chuckled. "I got the airbag," he explained to the sheriff. "One of my slugs actually hit the airbag thing." This seemed to be a great source of amusement to him.

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"Are you fucking retarded? we needed that car, now you want and shot it up, if you do shit like that, I'm just going to leave you behind, I'll give you another chance, but don't do shit like that".

There was another car parked a few feet away from the one the kid shot up and there was a zombie attempting to crawl out the door of the car, I took my Silenced M-4 and shot it in the head, I dragged it out of the car and found the keys on it. It was some sort of shitty Japanese car, but it would do until the Army Depot, I got in the car and fired it up, and waited for the kid to get in.

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Lee climbed into the shitty Jap car and laid his weapons in the back seat busily.

"Let's move out!" he yelled dramatically, pointing onward, as the sheriff put the vehicle in gear and backed out of the parking space the --- presumably Japanese --- driver had parked the car in.

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I put the car into drive and headed out of the town, I started out going down a rural road and headed towards the army Depot

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As they drove along the rural road, Lee tried to make conversation with the big tall silent type sheriff.

"Soooo . . . Zombie jokes, huh? How about those zombies who don't eat alot? They die from complications from anorexia without human flesh, eh? Eh?"

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My beat up Chevy Nova flew across the rural road, occasionally slamming into a mailbox every few miles when a small house appeared. It was hard for me to stay on the road at times, given that the LSD had begun to hit hard. The road flashed various colors and everything around it and myself was a blurred mess. I bit down hard on the plastic end of my cigar, twitching in paranoid fear induced by the never ending moan of the undead outside. My vehicle was traveling much past the speed limit, but at this point it didn't matter. The world had gone to shit, and corpses had begun to walk. If you think such a thing scary, you can just imagine how fearsome it was at the peak of an acid trip.

I was sweating like a mad man, slowly coming to the realization that any little hiccup in my path could send my car and my body on a tumultuous trip through the air, or perhaps into a tree. In the distance I could almost make out the form of the mangled walking corpse that would become that hiccup. I gripped the wheel tight, and while my mind wanted me to swerve out of the way, my body could not. The car slammed into the moaning cadaver, and a sea of multicolored fluids, which I assumed to be blood, sprayed across my windshield. My hands released from the wheel and I screamed in fright. This of course was not the best decision as my vehicle suddenly swerved off of the road and through a small field of some wheat or grain.

My car sped out of the field and back onto another road...just in time to slam into the back left side of another vehicle which I could not honestly make out in my drug induced haze. I could make out what I assumed to be two people within it, however. Only momentarily though, because before I could get the chance to really capture their features, my car had bounced off the side of the other vehicle into a hectic spin before flipping and rolling a good three or four times. My vehicle came to a stop, roofside down. I now hung upside down, pressed against the roof of the crumpled car. Surprisingly I was merely bruised and cut in a few places. Unfortunately, my cigar had not survived the crash. For a moment I sat upside down, attempting to make out what was going on, and where I was, but everything just seemed to spin and flash due to the lsd.

"It's a good think I was wearing my seatbelt" I though, before slipping into unconsciousness.

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I slammed into my airbag, our car came to a dead stop as the breaks kicked in after the accident, the shity Japanessee car was a wreck, I tried to open my side door but it was busted shut, I slammed my body against it and got it open, I crawled out and got myslef standing again, The kid was knocked out in the car crash, I opened the back door of the car and grabed my weapons, I looked at the other car which was upside down.

I ran over to the other car, I might as well check for a Survivor, I notice a man hanging from the bottom of the car and I open the car door and drag him out, He is knocked out, I try to wake him up.

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My eyes slowly opened to a squint. What I saw should have been the face of a man, but given that the LSD was still going strong what I saw was not a man. I can't really remember what I saw actually, but it scared the shit out of me. I spun myself around and crawled frantically away from the figure. Jumping up I spun around, pulled my half loaded Colt Peacemaker from my pocket and aimed it at the...thing... for a lack of proper words.

"To hell with ye foul demon!!!" I shouted, pulling the trigger of my revolver frantically.

My arm wobbled in all directions as all three shots rang out in the general direction of my rescuer.

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"What the fuck is wrong with you, I'm Human, Sheriff Roger Tanner, if your going to fucking shoot me I'm just going to fucking leave you for dead inside this car". The bullets had missed me luckily. I could have just Taken my rifle and shot this person right here, But i am a Sheriff after all, I would'nt do such a thing, Sure, you want to be vigilante sometimes in this line of work, but you just can't, and I Highly doubt I'll ever go back into the line of work the way the world is right now.

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"It speaks my language?!" I shouted out loud, though I hadn't intended to.

The acid had begun to wear off and the bizarre creature was replaced by a man. I tipped my lopsided aviators back into place on my face and scratched the side of my head.

"Where the hell did you come from, man?" I asked as I shoved my revolver into my belt.

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"I'm headed to any Army Depot, see if theres any soldiers left, if not, steal a Humvee and head down south where there should be resistance, theres some kid in the car that I picked up along the way, theres also a few People inside the town, but I say fuck em, I'm getting the hell out of dodge".

I checked my M-4 and spoke to the guy again "Your welcome to join me if you like, looks like we gotta go on foot from here though now".

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OOC: I'll add some more later. For now, just carry me along with you guys.

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OOC:  Sorry was out of commision for a week but im back now.  Little behind but ill start my character where I left off.

I had finally gotten the electrical wires secured enough for me to climb over and make it to the grocery stores roof top.  I was really itching for a drink so I started to climb over, was a bout half way over when I noticed a bunch of zombies running towards the doctors office.  I heard a gunshot followed by a second gunshot.  Didnt think much of it as I kept pulling myself over to the other roof.  I jumped down and searched for a way in and found a sky window that led to the attic of the store. 

I crawled down with the guard club in my hand being weary of anything lunging at me.  Looked around a few corners and finally found a door with a stairway leading down.  As I opened the door to the store floor I could hear some wierd sounds in the distance that I couldnt identify or even begin to guess what they sounded like.  Following the sounds I peaked around a corner to see 2 dead heads devouring this older women wearing a uniform.  I could only guess it was the clerk of the store.  I went back down the isle just behind them where I  could see them through the shelf.  I tossed a can of tomato soup across the store and watched as one of them perked up and started in that direction.  I than dove between the shelves onto the back of the one still crouched over and snapped his neck.  The other one turned around and started making his way toward me.  I stood there club in hand and swung it at its feet shattering its ankles.  It laid there still trying to grab a hold of me knawing at my boots.  I drove my boot through its head when I noticed the cooler for the beer down the isle.

As I was browsing through the selection I heard more gun fire and yelling coming from outside.  "What - the - fuck - are - they - doing" I said under my breath.  Grabbed two cases of the nearest beer and started to walk over to the window when I saw the kid from the street shooting the hell out of this vehicle.  "Like I said before, thats one crazy bastard"  I mumbled as I made my way back to the roof of the grocery store.

Walking over to the electrical wires with the two cases of beer I could see the kid in the passenger seat of a car speeding away.  I figured it was with the woman I saw him go after until I saw her looking over the edge of the roof top on the fire escape.  "Couldn't get enough?"  I yelled over.  "You're just in time"  I tied a rope to the electrical wires and cases of beer as I made my way back over to the docs roof top.  I popped open a brewsky and offered it to the woman.  "And what should I call a pretty little thing climbing up fire escapes?"

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I take the beer.

"help me stay alive and you can call me whatever you want, convict"

I take a long drink.

I jerk my head toward where the gunfire had been coming from.

"The kid and our local Lawman making a run to the gun shop, they plan on heading to nearest Army base"

I take another draught

"I was planning on catching em at the gun store but it sounds like I missed the bus, guess I'll keep you company instead - if you're game"

I raise my eyebrow.  Its a dangerous ploy and I know it, but I plan on having a pulse at the end of the day so I'll roll the dice and play the odds. Besides, I can handle myself.

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"I told them this shit was comin."  I went on as I downed a few more beers.  "Did anybody listen? - HELL NO.  They just claimed I was mentally unstable.  I dedicated myself to the military and this country and they threw me away like a dog."  Turned to the stripper  "I was on my first mission since I stepped up to special ops.  We made our way through a small village in western africa checking houses and such.  I came across this house that smelled of dead rotting animals and I investigated.  I opened the door and started to walk in when this woman came flying at me.  I had no choice, two slugs in the chest and one in the head.  As I looked at her I could see two children crouched over this mans body just ripping his flesh off and stuffing their little faces.  I could see hate and evil in their glossy eyes.  After a moment of hesitation I shot them both dead."  Swigging another beer I went on.  "I was court-martailed and laughed at when I told them my side of the story."

"Piss on 'em.  I went on with my life until I ran into the same shit as before.  Sittin back minding my own buisness in the local pub shootin some pool, these 3 guys decide to walk in.  They sit down at the table across from me.  As I look these guys over I noticed one of them sweating like a whore makin money.  I could see the pain in his eyes change to evil, that of which I saw in those childrens eyes.  He stood up and started to make a move as his friends fall into the same fate.  So I took 'em out with a pool stick.  What did I get for it?  Laughed at once again and thrown into a slam and told I'll never see daylight again."

Turned back to the stripper  "As you can see I have issues with trust and caring for others when I keep getting stabbed in the back and after three years in the hole i've learned you can only save yourself but its nice to have a drinking buddy"  I finish my rant as I wink at the stripper.  "How about some fun little lady?"

After downing the case I start to feel a little frisky and in the mood for some entertainment.  I light up one of my flares and head down the fire escape.  Avoiding the lurking crawlers I make my way to a vehicle and manage to get the trunk open.  I pull out a tire iron and start going around to the surrounding vehicles and punching holes into the gas tanks.  Got holes into about 7 cars and watch as the gas dribbles its way down a slope to a resting spot.  I hold the flare up towards the stripper and call out "Wanna do the honors?"

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Coral sped into town. She had past a couple of cars, but no living people in them or near them. She just hoped that there was someone left in town. She rounded a corner and saw a bright red glare. It was a man and woman standing by a group of cars. Without thinking Coral slammed on her brakes and almost hit a post.

She opened the door and started yelling to the people. "Hello! Hey, you! Over here!"

(sorry took so long to come back, had huge test to study for)

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In the midst of everything, its strange the things that run through your mind

Like the how the hell do these guys JUST KNOW I'm a stripper?  Am I somehow marked?  I sigh, the kid was no way 21 so he'd never seen me dance and it sounded like the jar head hadn't seen tail since before I was dancing so... jeez maybe somehow I am marked, like 6 months of stripping somehow washes away everything I was before....

I shake my head.  My companion clearly has issues, well shit, I have a goddamn subscription, and I think we're gonna rub along fine, so long as he goes a little easy on the beer and doesn't go getting himself killed, but well, if what he says is true then he deserves a little playtime. And knowing more about the source may sooner or later save our collective ass.

So I smile and climb down,

"Spark me up" I say.

Suddenly, I'm blinded by headlights, a car pulls up.  There's a woman reminds me or My Aunt Georgia waving and hollering... I glance over

"Now what?"

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Cthonian wrote:

In the midst of everything, its strange the things that run through your mind
Like the how the hell do these guys JUST KNOW I'm a stripper?  Am I somehow marked?

Haha yea I was thinkin that myself before but my character hasnt referred to you as a stripper just the story parts so people know who im talking to, guess i could use ur name from now on heh.

As the car pulled up I was on the verge of handing the flare to Rachel when she turned away.  The flare fell from my hand and hit the pavement sparking the gasoline.  The flame ran up to the first car and exploded it sky high with the rest of the cars shortly behind it.  Few zombies wondering about got caught in the middle of it, felt what it feels like to have their limbs flying in every direction as they were torn apart.  I could feel the heat radiate through my body as the flames started to die down.  I turned to Rachel "whoops."

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