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Was trolling around the net this morning and found this little tidbit: … mp;sid=987

Two good things about all this:

1. Dario Argento's Pelts is coming out sometime in February 7th according to Amazon

2. The cover looks pretty decent.

Direct link to the image blown up:

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I like it, I do wish that they would have stuck with one overall cover design though, I kinda liked the ones with the pic of the director and the fake autograph on the cover.....

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Agreed.  Side the fact that they totally steered different directions with the DVD cover art for the MoH series, its not half bad.  A chicks butt and some blood...what else do you need?

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Agreed, but for me the big question is what will they do for the returning directors?  I imagine they will give the new masters the same DVD treatment as Season 1 with them recounting their careers and people talking about working with them...but for the me stumped on what they will do.

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Yea I was wondering the same thing Golden.. I'm curious what extras the boys at Anchor Bay will dig up to fill out the DVDs.. I like the new DVD covers, I'm just hoping that they don't change half way threw the season.. Thats what made me mad.. Not so much the design but the fact that it changed.. But the original was 10x better than what they switched to..

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Agreed, but I must say they did get better and imo Fair Haired Child and Jenifer are the best looking of the new bunch.  Though I would have prefered to have at least 1 side keep the director's name so there is continuity on my DVD rack.

I doubt they will change it, they apparently found something that works and I think they will keep doing it.  The change of the placement of the MASTERS OF HORROR logo is nice, it looks cooler than the small stamp.

For extras, they can't do the histories again...but possibly for one thing they will interview the directors on their views of the genre, how it has changed over the years and how they have been affected by it and where it might be going, is the horror genre healthy right now...shooting in the dark. 

Though, I would like if the Anchor Bay folks could put on some old interviews from the '70s and '80s like they had with Garris talking to Landis I believe on Deer Woman and I think one other disc.  THAT would be an awesome thing and not just a snippet, but maybe a full vintage interview...if they can fit it on.

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I miss the old look but I must agree with TIM, a butt and blood on the cover is very nice too.

But on a different note, it is very good for the new covers and one of their best new looks.

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