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This is a rumor i started hearing about a year (Or something) ago, I have a good reason to think this is a load of bullshit, Why you might ask?, Well the man himself (Edgar Wright) said so in a interview ( … 687546537/ ) in the interview Wright was asked (So the rumors I've heard of "From Dusk Till Shaun" aren't true?) & This is what Wright had to say (No, that was kind of a flippant joke, and they just print the legend. We toyed with a couple of ideas -- Simon had an idea of how to continue it from where it ends, and I had an idea of doing an alternate-reality sequel. Because this film took three years, I think if we spent three more years on another one, we might just be called one-joke merchants, you know? We want to do a sequel in tone -- continue the same kind of sensibility and sense of humor in a different genre.) Well maybe someday we will see Simon Pegg back in a zombie flick, The first one was funny as hell. What are your thoughts on a Shaun of the Dead sequel if one was to ever happen?.

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I'd love to see one happen but I highly doubt we will see one.. If you remember in the Shaun meets George special featurette on the Land of the Dead DVD George asks about a sequel.. They didn't act like it was gonna happen.. but who knows it would probably be another fun flick..

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No, the only real "Shaun Squad" sequel is Hot Fuzz, a spin on the stereotyped crime capers. Check out some of the video diarys on the Spaced website

Son not likely to be more horror deals from the Pegg/Wright front together in the next few years.  Though Simon has acted pretty fondly of being involved in horror movies in a ton of interviews and premiers for MI:3 so, you never know...