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I meant to post this earlier this week but didn't because I didn't have the time but now I do, well to the point I just wanted to let you all know that Rainn Wilson who played Billy in House of 1000 Corpses and also Dwight Schrute in the office came to Scranton PA of course I didn't get to meet him because I had no babysitter but I just wanted to let you all know..heres the news article.

Dwight Schrute's severe lack of social graces doesn't endear him much his colleagues at the Dunder-Mifflin paper supply company.
The people of Scranton, however, like him fine.
Well over 1,000 people descended on the Mall at Steamtown on Sunday afternoon
to get a little face time with actor Rainn Wilson, the man behind Dunder-Miflin Scranton's hyperintense, often clueless assistant to the regional manager on NBC's hit sitcom "The Office".

For three hours, Mr. Wilson signed numerous "Office" DVD sets and Dwight bobble-head dolls and posed for plenty of picture's on the mall's center court stage, where Santa Claus normally holds court this time of the year.

I know it doesn't say much about House but it was cool to have him here also heres the link to our local newspaper and look up December 18, 2006 and it will bring up the audio interview..

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He is so damn funny on The Office and I forgot he was in HOTC. That would have been cool to meet him. Thanks for the article.

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your welcome..I was suppost to have things signed like my HOTC soundtrack and my HOTC dvd but the person had anthor engagement and couldn't make it..he was here from 1-3..