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This looks like a cool Swedish vampire movie about this town under attack from vampires during the usual time that there is no sun.

Has anyone seen it or know when it will hit DVD stateside?

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I had not heard of it so i did a quick search on the site and found the trailer and a pic. It does look pretty damn cool!

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Yea that does look kick ass.. According to the trailer it hit theatres in Sweden in Febuary and it just finished up at the Fantastic Film Festival.. So who knows when we will get a DVD release.. Probably not for a long time.. A year maybe more..

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It does look cool as hell.  But, I was over at dreadcentral just now and they had a review for it up.  Not as detailed as I would like and it pans the film. … amp;id=956

But, I am still looking forward to it.

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Never heard of the reviewer and just by looking at his name and the length of his review he is probably someone who saw it at its recent run at the Fantastic Film Festival.. I still want to check it out.. The trailer looked really good and from what I saw in the trailer there was a little gore which already contradicts his review..

I think some people are starting to become too desensitzed by gore.. Like some people didn't think that Hostel was gory enough.. OK yea theres not a TON like Dead Alive but there is quite abit..

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Indeed.  I still wanna see it, seems like a neat premise for a film.  I have never been to one of these film festivals/conventions....depending on the amount of blood/gore are the films sometimes edited?

Hostel was wasn't gory was far more graphic in terms of the torture.  But, I do agree with your statment.

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Well let me take you back to a couple scenes in Hostel.. Paxton gets his fingers cut off, than the torturer gets his leg cut off by a chainsaw.. This follows up with a scene of corpses being carried away on a push cart. Their is a scene where Paxtons friend is being autopsied on the table, the eye goo scene, when the Japanese girl jumps in front of the train and blood splatters on the crowd. Paxton runs over the evil chick with his car and drags her along, the mobster gets his head smashed in by a rock from the Bubble Gum gang, and  the doctor gets his fingers chopped off and than his neck slit...

You see their is ALOT more than you remember.. Its just that for some reason or another it doesn't really stick with you like it does with other movies.. My thinking is that all the gore in this movie has meaning. Its just not blatantly thrown on the screen for the sake of having it there.

Getting to your question all films shown at film festivals are basically unrated and uncensored. If you remember awhile back both Saw and Hostel were screen in a Canadian film festival and both of them were gorier in the festival and cut for U.S. distribution.

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I gotta agree with Goon.  A lot of the gory scenes in Hostel have meaning.  Especially the scene where Paxton is getting dragged down the hallway to his torture room and sees a bunch of various people getting tortured along the way.  Yes, its to show the whole torture environment, but its also sposed' to show the resemblence of when Josh walks down the hallway of the whorehouse and sees a bunch of various people having sex.

Anyways, i have never heard of that vampire film but it looks like it good be good.

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*thinks again*

Now I recall Goon.  It has been a while since I have seen the film.  I have to rewatch it again.  HOSTEL did stick with me for some time afterward but in the long run I can only remember a few gore shots.  Some films stick with me because they are stronger for a longer time period...not say HOSTEL wasn't strong...just didn't stick as long.

Thanks on the festival Goon, makes a lot of sense.

Still, Frostbitten looks like a fun film, though I can't help but think of 30 Days of Night.