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Well, I went to see Saw III (great movie big_smile) and there was a preview in there where this family moves to this rickety house. They have a teenage (emo) daughter and a very young son and the messed up part is that the son sees these ghosts and other creepy dead stuff around the house. The daughter senses it (I guess) and tries to tell her parents that she doesn't want to stay there but as usual, they never listen and blame it on teenage rebellion.

Was just wondering if that sounded familiar because I can't seem to remember the name or director of that movie!! sad

If that didn't help, there was a scene where the mother was fixing the bed, and she kinda flips the blanket on top of the bed, and before the blanket settles completely, the little boy sees like a dead kid standing on the bed beneath the blanket. So yeah, I hope that helps!

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The Messengers.. It was directed by The Pang Bros.. They are quite the famous directors who did The Eye one of the best horror films out of Asia.. This will be there English language debut film.. The movie will be in theatres on Feb. 2..

Check out more here..

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goon to the rescue, i had no clue lol.