Topic: The Grudge 2

Anyone got the chance to see it? I haven't but I heard it is good and a real scare. I love to be scared once in a while and no movie that is considered a horror that been released lately have scared me. I hope the sequel to The Grudge will. I did in fact watch the first, but missed the second when it was in the theaters. I found out the release date for The Grudge 2 and will definately buy it. Anyone else here?

It will be released on February 6, 2007 and the retail price will be around $24.99. I am sure it will be lowered as more copies come out.

Re: The Grudge 2

Yea 24.99 is just the suggested price.. it will more likely be selling for around $16 or so.. Anyway I saw the movie and was quite disappointed.. Quite a few holes in the plot and weird "coincidences"..