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First read it sounds like the 1970s and 80s are back with the Italians ripping on American ceinma tongue

But, it sounds like a solid line up of directors and old style Italian horror movies.  I am actually looking forward to this.  Though I am a bit saddened Ruggero Deodato wasn't in the list, well...maybe there will be more. 

What is y'all's opinion and do you think it can compete with the USA's Masters of Horror?

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I used to be a big fan of the likes of Argento and Fulci, but over the last few years I've been turned off them and I don't know why. Zombi 2 is one of the best Z movies out there, and tons of others were good, maybe it's just the production quality or the seemingly similar stories.

Masters of Horror was great though, so I'll await this with childlike rage.

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Argento for me is hit or miss.. Suspiria is brilliant while Deep Red.. granted it was his break out film is more like a mystery thriller to me.. Fulci will always be near and dear to my heart.. Zombi 2 is probably one of my favorite films of all time and he went on to make some other decent films as well..

Now with this series I am glad to see Italy finally embracing its horror directors but I'm not gonna get excited yet.. We still have a whole year before these things are completed..

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The only Argento movie I have is Bird with the Crystal Plummage.  Haven't watched it yet.  All the stores around me don't carry any other Argento movie, so I have not been really exposed to him.

I love Fulci yet getting one's hands on some of his movies is damn hard.  I really wanna The Beyond.

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I know MacReady is working on getting some great pics from the italian version to share on site... I am gonna be honest I missed all the episodes of Masters of Horror, tongue

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Everyone knows i love Italian horror. I own pretty much every Argento movie and i even HAD Fulci's The new york ripper on laserdisk but it got stolen.

Don't feel bad Meh. i missed all of them too smile