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Meh, you didn't like the dueling chainsaws in TCM2?  Dude, I loved that of my favs in the whole movie.  I love TCM2...can't wait for the DVD.

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haha i did like it, it was just so fucking cheese dog from a horror standpoint. I guess i went into the movie expecting HORROR where as goon went into it expecting comedy.

I did like the movie, but not as a horror film, as a slapstick comedy.

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I remember watching it and I started laughing cause it was so ridiculous.  I was already thinking that something was gonna come up with Hopper getting all of those chainsaws but I imagined him to have them as mostly decorative before whipping out a shotgun. 

But it does prove one thing, if you wish to defeat or have a chance at battling a horror titan...use their weapon.  Jason-machete...Freddy, Pinhead, Tall Man- psychic powers, Michael Myers- Kitchen knife tongue

I must agree it does have some comedy in it and I really like it as the over the top '80s horror splatter fun fest that it is.  And great to see Hooper in a cameo smile


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yeah i hope it didnt come off i didnt like it, it was just not a hororr movie, it was just cheese. Cheese is good  smile Will you be joining us in a future roundtable show?

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I would love to join. 

I should also mention that the AVP ending with the girl becoming friends with the I recall that is straight out of Dark Horse's graphic novels of a lone human battling alongside a Predator.


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oh it may very well be but that to me REALLY took the cheese lol. I hated that scene so badly. lol

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I didn't mind the cheese, good cheesey fun is great.  Spare for when its about snakes on a train (shudders violently)

I had to admit I agree a little with some fans online that it looked like the Pred was about to make out with her.   Thankfully didn't last that long and the Queen was up outta the ice and za battle started up again.

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The ending to AVP was craptastic. The whole movie was craptastic in my opinion. It had so much damn potential and they killed it with explosions and one hell of a corny ending.

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Evil Dead is a good example of extreme, ultra gore, with way to much blood in it, that is still a terrific horror movie because it was dark-funny and for it's time it depicted things (i.e tree rape) that was considered extreme and would have actually frightened audience. 

In my opinion, what ruins most movies is there lack of taste for their gore, they splash it on as much of they can as opposed to using the idea of something horrific, or slight use of blood and violence, because when people think about something that is about to happen, half the time they can build themselves up to an idea that can be more scary than what they show.  Although in some movies, like slashers, zombie movies etc the use of ultra violence...Oh, also Miike movies lol...becomes needed on occasion.  But lets be realistic, it takes a rare special movie to make a "stupendous" breakthrough in those genres, although it does happen - 28 Days Later for example.

Also, I think the writting is the movie, not just the most important part.  Without a solid story it changes horror movies.  Definate writting quality difference between Seven and I know What You Did Last Summer.

I am in the midst of listening to this PodCast - needless to say I am a little behind the times, eh?  You are doing, did, or however a great job.  Funny stuff, and some new info!  Good discussion points also.

Podcast 2 is next!