Topic: Cyborgs, Vampires and Humans (sign up)

OOC:(I'm back from a long hiatus, and I'm going to start up a New Role play to try and breathe some life into this RP Forum Most of the Characters should Start out in Upstate New York, a very Rural area, where there will be the most Human Resistance, It is where I am starting my first charater)

in 2045, The World hasn't changed much, Cars are different, Infrastructure hasn't changed, people still exist, but The United States Military became a completely unmanned army, using cyborgs instead of Flesh and Blood Soldiers, The Entire Military became a sit back and watch game, with few people still allowed to Carry weapons and Automated Police Officers replacing the fields, The world changed, but somewhere buried under years of Dirt and Grime, the last stronghold of a Failed Breed of humanity slept, The Vampires, in there buried underground lair, they slept.

But above this vampire haven, was an undiscovered Oil Deposit, it only took a few hundred years to be discovered again, Oil Companies fought over who would take the land, The US Government stepped in and took the Oil For itself, using its Fronted Oil Companies to cash out on the oil, they awoke the Vampires, the first of the vampires came out of the whole and turned the Drillers into brothern.

It only spread from there on, Originally it was just isolated incidents, but before people knew it, Vampires where climbing through your windows at night, killing your Children and making them drink your blood, the Military tried to stop it, but eventually the entire Cyborg system went haywire, The Central AI turned against all of Humanity, Instantly, the Cyborgs sent out to protect the Humans from the Vampires where killing everyone.But there are still a few Cyborgs with there own intelligence out there, fighting for Humanity

Most of Humanity is crippled, with alot of the Population already dead or Vampire, There is almost No Hope left, but there a those who still fight, Day and Night,  Human and Vampire, they fight for there domination against a more powerful enemy. Unless some puts a stop to the Cyborgs, There is no Hope for Humanity or The Vampires.

Profile Requirements
Age:(16-100 For Humans, 1-2,000 for Vampires,1-8 For Cyborgs)
Race:(Vampire, Human or Cyborg)
Weapons(Humans and Vampires Can choose any, Cyborgs are Limited to M-16, XM8, or G36C, Any choice of sidearm)
Personality:( is the character Nice or mean etc.)
Bio:(Description of character, Expiation how they've got there and what they plan to do)

My Profile
Name: Roland Reed
Race: Human
Weapons:AR-15 ,Colt 45. KM2000 Combat Knife
Personality: Roland is a Nice inside charater but is Very Rough around the edges, He is a hardened combat Veteran
Bio:Roland spent most of His years in The U.S Special Forces as a spy, sent out stealthily into the lines to gather Intelligence, Occasionally he got very loud, but most of the time he was a silent spy. He saw combat in the Iraq War, along with a few Minor conflicts over the years, he was put out of his job to the Cyborgs and resents them. He had escaped into Rural New York from his Long Island home, He is held up inside of the department store with a few other people.