Topic: Friday the 13th series on UK tele

Just thought I would let any horror fans in Blighty know that the series has started broadcasting on Zone Horror at 20:00 every evening.

That is channel 321 on Sky and Free-Sat
Do not know the channel number for Freeview or Cable.

They started last Monday with the first episode and are now going through all the episodes in chronological order.

Finally a reason to be glad that I am stuck across the pond, I do love this series.

Re: Friday the 13th series on UK tele

Thats cool, glad to hear you guys get it there. It comes on twice a day here on Scream TV and it has for quite awhile now.

Re: Friday the 13th series on UK tele

Now I just have to wait for the knob heads to start putting on Tales from the Darkside and Monsters (not Munsters)  Already have the original series of Twilight Zone all 156 episodes.