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I got me one of those mass emails I normally delete, but since this go around it was for a film we have been covering, its gone from mass mail to news! Deadlands is getting a theatrical run, all be it an indie / low level theatrical run. But fra...

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I've heard nothing but good things about this indie flick, so I'm sure that they deserve a theatrical showing in the least.  Unfortunately, I've never heard of the place its screening so chances are I do not live near it.  I'll have to catch it on DVD.  Anyone who manages to make it, let us know how it went.

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yeah goon had great things to say in his review.

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Thanks for posting about the Theatrical dates

I would also like to add these dates

Hamilton Arts Collective, Baltimore, MD
Friday March 23 and Sat March 24th 7pm and 9pm respectively.

Also, with new news and TEMPE's official press release about the film... the official site received a huge make-over and a new teaser was cut together.