Topic: Junkfood horrorfest W/Alice cooper's daughter

Thats right the long awaited DVD is finally Available Scarlet fry's junkfood horrorfest Starring Calico cooper (Alice cooper's daughter) Its an anthology Hosted By the twisted Red neck Zombie scarlet fry & features 6 short films See: Junkie seriel killers, Blood thirsty butchers, Demented nurses, Freaky perverts, Wasted lives & Born again Demonic zombies , This movie is not for the weak & contains explicit gore, Fangoria said "Its toxic avenger meets Tales from the crypt! You can order a Limited copy today signed By Scarlet fry himself Just email for more info, This movie is Sick!!

Re: Junkfood horrorfest W/Alice cooper's daughter

I think I remember hearing about this movie awhile back.. Not sure if I would like it or not.. I'm not a fan of Troma films like Toxic Avenger..