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First and foremost I am NOT responsible for anything you lose, or for people screwing you. That said, update your morguespace with the dvds you are willing to barter, and then let folks know by posting on this bartering forum.

Try to trade with people you see here alot or people that have a good reputation. In that token if you see folks who deserve good rep, give it. If you see folks who deserve bad rep, give it.

If you get screwed, likewise post and let us know and give them BAD REP. And remember folks, you are responsible for your dvd's. NOBODY ELSE! I wont take any responsibility if you get ripped off, but I will help you out the bastard who stole from you.

Re: Rules of DVD Bartering

Hi I Am Willing Trade My Children Of The Night For Anyone That Has Evil Dead2.also Christina's House For Demons Part1.also Stanely For Sleepaway Camp Part1.also Anyone In Possesion Of Suspiria,am Willing To Barter Something For That One.also Looking For Anyone That Might Have The Movie,demons,the 80's Horror Flick About The People In The Theater Watching A Movie And Someone Put On A Mask And Got A Cut On Their Face And It Turned People Into Demons.

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hey louvor this is not the thread to post that on. This is for RULES. Start a new thread smile

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Could I suggest people putting up DVDs also include the region encoding?