Topic: for those of you with myspace

I'm i na non horror contest because I'm trying to break into the mainstream a little and I'd like  your help by voting my stinger of the week..If yo uhave a myspace..just follow these instructions..the contest ends tonight at 11pm
yo ujust go to

here are th erules

you must be added as a friend first
then you go under pics and comment VOTE under my pic..Monique dupree
This is more than a contest for me..I plan on doing work with them in the fututre whether I win this or I want to spread the word

thank yo uguys so much for your support...First Black Scream Queen

Re: for those of you with myspace

Sorry but I don't have myspace or I would help you out. Good luck to you anyways!

Re: for those of you with myspace

You should build  a targeted audience on MySpace so that it would be easier for you to win...