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I was web surfing here at work maily because I didn't want to work and found a little tid-bit on I am Legend. According to a source for AICN he says:

"They will be filming this Saturday, in my neighborhood, (the23rd) on 5th ave in Manhattan between 23 and 31st street.
here's the interesting part
According to the flyers taped around the block, "Will Smith plays Robert Neville, an Army doctor who stays behind on the island on Manhattan, after a plague forces the evacuation of the island. He is immune, and has stayed behind to find a cure..." (paraphrased)

Only Manhattan is infected? A doctor? Maybe this is just an "Omega Man" remake...
I'll try to get set photos, depending on the shoot times"

It seems like they are changing the story quite a bit, I am glad the Depp is no longer involved but what's wrong with the story the way it was written? Sometime I don't know about Hollywood.

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Looking forward to the photos. Email them to me and I will run them as news.

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Last I heard about the movie version is that it is basically Omega Man with Will Smith.  I would have loved to see Depp as Ben Cortman (who I heard he was going to play), would have been awesome.

But, still depressing news.  I am watching Omega Man right now...decent so far.

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The first official image went online at MoviesOnline:

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It may look like The Omega Man, because TOM was based on the same novel by Richard Matheson, I Am Legend. Coincidentally NOTLD was also based on it, according to Romero.