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Last October I was lucky enough to catch the premiere of Toe Tag Pictures The Redsin Tower (Check out my review). I wasn't really expecting much to be honest but I was blown away by what director Fred Vogel at put together. Those guys at Toe Tag real...

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After reading Goon's review, I really wanted to check this flick out.  To hear that it was screening was really good news, except for the fact that I live knowhere near Rhode Island.  Hopefully I get a chance to see this on DVD.

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For those interested, there is a trailer on Youtube....Looks pretty cool...

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Yea you wouldn't believe how jam packed that screening was I went too.. Standing room only.. And their were people standing.. It was really a great flick.. Heh I may have went a bit overboard in my review but after watching it I was really blown away because I really had low expectations for it..

The guys from Toe Tag always come to this convention near my pad so I see them almost twice a year.. Hopefully next time I see them I can pry some info out of them about a DVD release or whatever their next step will be...