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I cleaned my machette and inspected the vehicle outside the mansion, when I heard, "Ohh, its on." The lycan leader commanded much respect and he didn't get excited for just any old thing, this meant we had somebody by the balls. I knew it the moment he hollered it and started loading my like new Winchester semi-auto shotgun with new experimental shells filled with garlic coated shot. We werent hunting bats, we were going to burn down the whole cave without a sound. Our species was going to act as ruthless as they have been dealt with for centuries.

The cars were all black and had ultraviolet lenses in the front in case of an ambush. We had used them only once and it repelled two waves successfully. Today, we hoped to not need to go there. We were briefed on the drive about what to do and Ulric seemed confident for such an inexperienced operative. I was feeling good and confident that I wouldn't even need to use the shotgun for once.

When we arrived at the club, you could tell our intel was nice as day. I waited in the car as our leader and his apprentice practically tore the hinges off and dispatched club security. I drove around the block waiting for any sign of trouble and tried to stay low and quiet.

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We have ZERO tolerance for that kinda crap. So you made my Demon Vamp angry now suffer the consequences which are brutal painful Death eaten dry. SCREW YOU FUCKER!!! sad



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Ha!  Way to dig up a five year old thread, Punk.  lol

Incidentally, this would have been a legit thread.  It's a role-playing game in a role-playing forum.  But hey, glad to know you're watching out. lol

EDIT -- whoops, okay, it seems there was a post Cap Howdy had already deleted before I showed up this morning so nevermind. lol

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Mwahaha yes there was a Vampire thing which linked to a selling shit site. Not that crazy. Well not sure though. lol