Topic: Smalltown, LA The NEW Chainsaw Massacre (RP Sign Up)

The idea behind this roleplay is to have as much fun with a chainsaw as possible without the chance of accidentally lobbing off your ears. Gas that baby up and let her roar, but make sure to burn your calories while running with it at 103 beats per minute!

Rules: No law enforcement whatsoever, take a trip out to beautiful Smalltown, Louisiana and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Re: Smalltown, LA The NEW Chainsaw Massacre (RP Sign Up)

okay, due to special request, i have expanded the rules on this can be law enforcement, but don't expect to make it out alive or call for a SWAT team or anything

you can be a survivor, a pyschotic family member, or a neighbor of the chainsaw massacre family or anyone for that matter. any ideas for the name of the family?

Re: Smalltown, LA The NEW Chainsaw Massacre (RP Sign Up)

Name: Hammy Willis
Occupation: self-employed
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 159
Age: 24
Status: Errand Boy

Bio: Operated a lawn cutting service, but decided one day after cutting a large lawn to bring the mower indoors and chopped up the head of household and freightened the wife to death and took the kids away. Lives in a house right down the dirt road and contributes to the family's income by robbing and kidnapping on occasion as the older family members see fit. Since the cemetary is close-by buries and digs up his victims to play and perform rituals in attempt to please the grandfather of the family, who used to be the same way in his day.

Importance: Screws up plans more than he helps, Hammy is one disturbed kid. However, has been known to save the day in the worst of circumstances just because of luck or being underestimated. Favorite child of the grandfather, but hated by his father for cutting off his sisters elbow after an argument. Very capable with a nailgun.