Topic: What do u think of the Unrated DVD boom?

I believe some are unneccessary and are just trying to cash in on consumers who don't know there's only a one minute difference and some are really worth the advertising hype such as "The Ring Two" which has more than twenty minutes of additional footage. I believe some are unnecessary just because of over length such as Peter Jackson's "King Kong" and "Underworld". I prefer their original theatrical versions instead.

Re: What do u think of the Unrated DVD boom?

I generally want to see the directors cut if it exists. I want to see it the way it was meant to be seen before it's cut all up for theatrical release.

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I want to have the director's original vision, uncut and fully extended as sometimes it offers more character devlopment and other times....more violence.  For some movies its really great like LORD OF THE RINGS. 

I prefer King Kong extended and between UW extended and UW theatrical....I think if the filler scenes of the vampire battling lycans at the end as Selene resuces Michael were trimmed down more or just put in a deleted scenes would be perfect.  I prefer its extended cut.

Though I also do like watching theatrical release sometimes to see what was cut.

But, most UNRATED dvds nowadays have like 1 minute of someone walking or a single curse word or a drop of blood in it.  Or with the direct to DVD market, sometimes it just there for the label.

But, overall...I like seeing full director versions and visions...I still wanna see Michael Mann's original cut of THE KEEP.

Re: What do u think of the Unrated DVD boom?

Unrated used to be cool, now it is a marketing ploy used by everyone and the extra footage usually amounts to someone walking down a hallway or some other mundane task....

Re: What do u think of the Unrated DVD boom?

if it adds stuff that was too violent/controversial/offbeat for theaters I like it, if it adds nothing of value it's a ripoff. The worst are those that put stuff back in that the director actually cut out for one reason or an other that was not related to the ratings. Or stuff that was made to be objected to by the ratings board so they could then please them by taking stuff out (they never intended to have in there).

Sadly unrated is largely a marketing gag lately...