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This thread is for all you Gears of War fans to share tips and hints as well as get them so you can better enjoy the game.

To start this thread off I am totally stuck at the first big challenge which is the TOMB right after the Lieutanant is killed. That big mothering female monster that tracks you by sound is kicking my ass hardcore and my running around the tomb does little but prolong my eventual doom.

Appreciate any tips on how to beat her and progress further into the game. Been trying for days with no luck

Feel free to post your own questions and or tips and hints for Gears of War!

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Meh, I believe that is the first Beserker battle.  You gotta get her to chase you to the room with the big door.  Get in front of the door and make noise so she charges and roll out of the way so she breaks through the big door.  Eventually you will break your way outside(i think after 3 doors) into a big garden.  You will then need to use the hammer of dawn to stun the berserker.  It will be stunned/vulnerable for a few seconds so attack it with everything you got.  You will have to repeat the hammer of dawn stun & attack process a few times before you defeat the Berserker.  Be careful of your partner dying as they sometimes just stand there and get plowed into and really sucks if they die and you made process.

Dont bother shooting it unless you stun it with the hammer of dawn.  it wont be hurt unless it is stunned/vulnerable.

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yeah thats one of my problems right now. My partner keeps getting crushed. Other times I have lost him in the maze and had to go back and try and find his stupid ass. I wondered how you were supposed to get the doors to open.

So basically run to a door, stand in front of it and wait for her to go smashing through it? Does your partner eventually catch up?

I am really new to XBOX so i suck with the controller which makes things even more complicated.

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Yeah stand in front of the door and lure it with gunfire if it's attacking your partner instead of you.  When it charges you, roll out of the way and it'll crash through the door.  I believe there are 3 or 4 doors to crash through before you were outside. 

Usually your partner catches up as long as he isnt laying waiting for medical attention.  You dont need your partner to complete it, but obviously if he is around to help shoot the berserker while it's stunned then it gets defeated quicker.....but yeah your partners sometimes are dumb as rocks and get in the way.

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when my partner died it told me i had to restart.... huge pain in the ass. But I will definitely give it a shot luring her to the doors.

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Sometimes your partner dies, sometimes they are hurt and awaiting for you to revive them.  But it does suck when you make progress and someone dies and you have to go all the way back and redo it.  frustrating.

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indeed... i am totally gonna try out your tip tonight. Its a very cool gmae it just blows being stuck where I am.

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jmh took your advice and FINALLY managed to get past the bastard. Was really easy to killer her but getting past her now that was a challenge. Thanks. Hopefully others will have tips and or help for Gears of War. Share your tidbits if your a gears of war player

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^No problem.  I just played Gears a few weeks ago when I had the pneumonia and lung infection.  three days of quarantine while i waited for my TB test had to find a way to keep busy.  So its fresh in my mind.

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Side tip on Berserker battles. If you've got a Lancer just rev the chainsaw repeatedly, it will get her attention and you'll save the ammo.

Without giving anything away, the Berserkers are just the start in a stream of annoying enemies you'll have to deal with.

Can't wait for Gears 2.


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yeah i just shot her once and she came barreling at me. The big challenge was not getting my ass crushed by her. I am still getting used to the controller. I am now heading into the underground mines. Couldnt have done it without the help.

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Not to promote another site Meh, but, has always helped me out with codes and walk throughs when i needed it. … 28234.html


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sure great site but i rather use this forum to help each other and learn more about our favorite horror games.


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side note one thingi really love about gears of war is the health system. I like how you get beat down but if you duck and cover for awhile your health builds back up. It makes for a much nicer gameplay experience. You dont spend time running around chasing health power ups!


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Time for more help. RAM i believe his name is ... the big bad ass on the train is handing my ass to me repeatedly. I assume I have to wait for the KRYLL to stop circling him and then kill his ass. Any best weapon or suggested tactics I should try?

the Kryll are  a real bitch but it seems making sure im ducked and not moving when they leave his body keeps them from mauling my ass.

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Raam is the final boss.  You are almost done with the game Meh.  cool  Best strategy is IGNORE EVERYTHING.  Dont worry about your partner and keeping him alive, ignore the chopper, and all other distractions.

When you head out, you dont want to run around, just hide behind the barrier right in front of you.  Its got lights so staying there will protect you from kryll and is a good place to hide when your health gets low.

I found this battle easiest if you have the torque bow.  If you do, shoot him with it.  When the torque bow arrows explode the Kryll fly away.  Once they leave him just light his ass up with another weapon, preferably the lancer.  If you dont have the torque bow, then use grenades as they have the same effect and make the kryll scatter.  When the kryll are gone, i would aim for his head.  Try and use active reload a lot because doing this successfully causes more powerful bullets. 

If you dont have the torque bow or many grenades, this take a lot longer.  You have to wait for the kryll to leave him and attack you.  Stay in the light behind the barrier and they wont hurt you but it's a bitch waiting for him to walk through lights causing the kryll shield to leave him. 

Obviously Raam makes his way towards you, so when he gets too close, jump the barrier you are hiding behind and run down the center of the train to the identical barrier at the other end.  There are lights through out the center of the train so running in the center will ensure the Kryll wont attack you.  Just repeat hiding behind the barriers at both ends and focus on attacking Raam. 

Just be patient.  It may take you a whole bunch of tries to do this.  Best thing you can do is watch your health.  Duck back behind the barricade a lot so you dont die.  Just work on kicking his ass when the kryll arent around and eventually you will get him.  Good luck.


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cool i ve been playing for a little while now and cant beat him... i will definitely give the grenades a shot to get the kryll off him. THanks for the tip on the lights.. i never noticed how well lit different areas were on the train.

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Well I just beat this game the other day and to be honest when I first picked this up I really didn't understand the appeal.. The learning curve, at least for me, was HUGE. I mean I got killed at almost every turn no matter what I did..

Soon however I started to finally get the hang of the cover mechanic and realized that they pretty much always force you into cover.. Still even with that in mind I got owned more times than I can count.. At some points it wasn't even fun to play.. But at the end of the game I will say I am glad I beat it..

All in all its not that bad.. I'm just curious why the franchise has SO many fans.. I mean this thing seems like it is so huge..

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When me and a friend beat Raam we were on hardcore, and the stragegy that worked best was to hit him with a torque bow so his shields go away, the snipe him in the head. When he got close, we just made a mad dash to somewhere a bit away from him. It frustrated me tho, even after i beat him we never unlocked insane mode for some reason.