Topic: chiller theater.

being in pittsburgh now all the older folk tell me about "chilly billy" and the chiller theater...anybody know wher i can see episodes of this? id be in love.

Re: chiller theater.

I loved Chilly Billy Cardill (did you know he is the outside newscaster in night of the living dead orginal??) I grew up teething on  Chilly Billy, so kewl!!!! I don't know if they have any episodes on dvd But Ho BOY if you do find out plllllsssee let me know.
I'll ask my peeps back home see if they can "dig up" something. thanks ZOMBIExLIFE!!!

Re: chiller theater. gonna look i knew he was in the original...hes great....and bill hinzman (the cemetery zombie from NOTLD) works at lowes by my house...ahahahaha hes a cool guy signed alot of shit for me...and bullshits with us all the time....
     i live 20 min from the evans city cemetery,this place is full of cool shit.....i live even closer to the old mushroom mines where they filmed day. and the mall dawn was in is like and hour away.....but i like living here just for that doctors tom savinis sister in law! IM SURROUNDED BY HISTORY!