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I just finished watching this 3 hour and 38 minute version and well...I loved it.
I am a sucker for King Kong you can tell from my Morguespace was the first film I ever 4 years old..maybe 5...who knows anymore. But I really enjoyed the new stuff in this latest version. Although it's long it never seemed to drag. The story moved along. I was tempted to advance the dvd to where they board the ship but I watched the beginning as well and there are a few scenes that I kinda enjoyed.

And especially after Kong finally reaches New York - I laughed wholeheartedly when the "army" sergeant is ranting about his team being Americans and that they won't be subjected to this damned beast and that they'll have his head...and then Kong wipes them all out! Too funny.

Has anyone else seen this version and what do you think of it?


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Shakingman, I own it as well.  I thought it took a little long in the begining until they get to the island, but not so much I didn't like it or think that it was unnessessary.  The rest of the movie from Skull Island to New York was excelent!  I really liked the whole period look of the film, but I'm a sucker for period peices.

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I got the Deluxe Box Set for Christmas and love it smile  Gotta agree with you Shakingman, saw King Kong really early in my years.  AMC had a Saturday Morning Movie thing back when I was like 10 or so for a full summer where they would show old 1930s-early 1960s sci-fi, fantasy, & horror movies...and after THEM!, King Kong was my fav.  Though even at a young age and being so into dinosaurs..I knew that a brontosaurous wasnt carnivours. tongue

Definatly dug the new dino encounters like the Styracasarous in the woods & the swamp sequence...missed that the most in the theatrical release. 

Some of the deleted scenes were very nice to see and the gag with the salior getting picked up by the raptor in its jaws would have been fun to see completed and put back in the film. 

And ya gotta love the short that they did for Jacksons B-day.

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I didn't like the King Kong remake.  I thought it was WAY to long.  Coming from Peter Jackson, though, It was kind of expected.  The whole beginning up to Skull Island and the last hour seemed to drag on and on and on... I guess it just wasn't my type.  The DVD does look pretty extensive, though.  One of my buddies owns it and says nothing but good things about it.  But, what's the use in picking it up if you don't like it?

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Well, thats pretty stupid to pick up ANY dvd if you don't like the film.  Unless of course you get a discount. 

The making of documentary was really good, you could see some of their early Kong designs from the aborted '90s version, some old anamatics from it and storyboards.  That version was more in line with what The Mummy would become, slightly more togune in cheek than the original. 

The swamp scene was kick ass as well as some other stuff.  If you liked the movie...its worth a buy, but if you didn't...don't buy it.

Borrow it from your friend to watch first and then think about it.

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I liked the film alot, I thought Kong fought the T-rexes was a little bit to long, But the guy getting eating by the swamp worms made up for it. Ill probilly get the extended edition if the price comes down a little. Why cant they do this with some of the zombie movies out there? Add some more time to the good ones.