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VALVE just sent over a brand new Left 4 Dead TV Spot they are running as their new massive marketing campaign for the game. You can checkout a slew of game clips and more right here. Checkout the tv spot below.
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After the disappointments of Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill: Homecoming, two of the most frustrating and un-scarey horror games in both series, I am hoping we get an all new horror gaming serial or series out of this one.
I'm a little bit bummed out because it's primarily a multiplayer game and I like solo adventures, but I'll tough it out if it means some really good scares.
"Dead Space" was pretty good, okay ... it was really good, but it was more sci-fi horror than anything else.
So besides this one there are a few really promising horror titles on the horizon... for the 360 we have "Alan Wake" a psychological thriller/horror...and in that same genre for the PS3 we have "Heavy Rain"... also for the 360 there is "Dead Island", "FEAR 2",  "Voodoo Nights", and "Rainy Woods"... and of coarse for both platforms we have the Grandaddy of them all "Resident Evil 5" Woohoo!... the genius behind "RE4" isn't on board so I am cautiously optimistic for that one.
Even the Wii has a few in store for us... "Cursed Mountain"..."Fatal Frame"..."Sadness" and a new "House of the Dead" is coming.  There is a game called "Harker" ( a gothic vampire favorite)  that the team that just did Silent Hill was working on before they signed up to do Silent Hill, ... they stopped all work on "Harker" to complete SH and hopefully they won't let the game rot away like so many horror games do. Pity.
I know I am leaving about 10 or 12 out, but I'm old... and a bit permanently burnt, ... anyway if your into horror and your a gamer as well as a movie lover, there isn't enough time in the day to play all of these games and watch all the movies... which is always a good thing.

oh, some of the other ones... "I am Alive"...."Possesion"......."Imabikisou"...."Saw"......"Incarnate"...."Coroline"......"Seikan"........
"Hydrophobia"........" The City of Metronome".........if your not into gaming it's a really good time to get into it,... the 360 is down to about $279 and the PS3 $399.....I swear, I'm like 42 and I game more than I ever did.......I just got tired of renting bad horror movie and bad horror movie...this fills the void.